CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #158

In a hurry–let’s go!

Here are the scores:

EricS-Team180    10
cooker52    5
Travis Hoffman    3
Andy Baker    2
Greg Needel    2
"Big Mike"    2
Koko Ed    2
JaneYoung    2
Schnabel    2
Rich Wong    2
Wayne Doenges    2
GaryV1188    2
Dave Scheck    2
Kristian Calhoun    2
KathieK    2
Bharat Nain    2
dhoizner    2
Barry Bonzack    2
MissInformation    2
InfernoX14    2
EddieMcD    2
raymaniac    1
andrew348    1
Nuttyman54    1
wpdrummer    1
Steve W    1
rocketperson44    1
joshsmithers    1
kramarczyk    1
SSMike    1
Alex Cormier    1
Goober!!!    1
KelliV    1
Hiteak    1
Michelle Celio    1

And the picture:

This weekend is going to be busy, what with wrapping up camp and all, so I’m nudging the deadline to Friday at noon EDT.


In an attempt to make the Fairy Tale Castle look a little more ethereal, a worker discharges all the fire extinguishers in the building. Disaster is averted because well-prepared Safety Captains from FIRST Robotics Competition teams have their own fire extinguishers in the pit area.

<not part of entry> Extra credit for first response? :slight_smile: </not part of entry>

And so after the pig exploded and the fire from it was put out, the tale of Exploding Bacon was born.

So help me if anybody asks me how hot is it they’re getting a faceful from the extinguisher…

The only way to stop midgets from dancing and singing “how you feel’n; hot hot hot” is to take extreme measures.

An early scene from the ill-fated gaseous thrust experiment. One can only speculate how different the outcome would have been if they had only stuck with a non-flammable gas.

This picture is right after an unfortunate accident at the auditions for a mascot for (take your pick) Bomb Squad / HOT / Cheesypoofs / Phoenix / Perpetual Chaos / Thunderhawks / Thunderchickens / Truck Town Thunder / Thunderbots / Thrust / Steampunk / Red Alert / Temper Metal / Exploding Bacon / Fondy Fire. Thankfully, this plucky young gentleman from Foley Freeze stepped in and saved the day.

Mike took the name ‘fire ants’ a bit too seriously.

Most VCs have clipboards and headsets - and then there’s Mike - 2008 is going to be scary - real - scary.

Next year we really need to invest in a fog machine!

Mike attempts to discover why the Mythbusters tell their viewers not to attempt anything they see.

[not an entry] reference is to the episode where they attempt to chill beer [/not an entry]

It’s not rocket science…

Until they have to pull out the fire extinguisher.

In response to the numerus rumors of a water game, mike has decided to “freeze” all the talk with his very own ice game

“Ok guys, we’ve spent a lot of time getting prepared for this year’s Mission Mayhem, and have decided that to cover our bases, we’re going to have a lot of fire extinguishers on hand. In the event of a fire, everyone knows how to use these things. If it rains again, we freeze the field like THIS”

Mike: “Andy Baker kept telling me that his water wasn’t cold enough. This’ll fix him.”

“Here in the Midwest, the 4th of July gets so hot the pavement melts. But the parade must go on and that takes some real out of the box thinking on how to get the floats moving. Thanks to the ACME fire extinguisher company for donating the compressed CO2 and saving the parade.”

After the test run for the 2008 fire game fails, the GDC is forced to revert back to the water game idea.

'I was trying to BBQ and it ended a little like this."- MTW

In hock up to her eyeballs having wasted her fortune on shoes and makeup, the Fairy Princess attempts to torch her castle and collect on the insurance policy, blaming it on the local pesky fire-breathing dragon. Her plot was dashed when Prince Valiant, who had slain said pesky dragon the day before, arrived on the scene and snuffed out the flames. Her alibi ruined by the Prince’s testimony, she could be heard screaming “Way to go - thou art a jerkface!” as the local gendarmes dragged her away in iron shackles, never to be heard from again. And they all lived happily ever after.

Security desperately trying to keep unruly groupies away from Andy Baker at an undisclosed FRC event! :eek:

Shift Happens…