CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #160


Here are the scores:

Wayne Doenges    14
EricS-Team180    13
boiler    12
Travis Hoffman    9
cooker52    8
skimoose    6
GaryVoshol    6
Greg Needel    6
InfernoX14    6
JaneYoung    6
Rich Wong    6
EddieMcD    5
raymaniac    5
Al Skierkiewicz    4
BlondeNerd    4
KathieK    4
Kristian Calhoun    4
Alex Cormier    4
Koko Ed    4
Nuttyman54    4
Tim Delles    3
"Big Mike"    3
Barry Bonzack    3
Bharat Nain    3
Hiteak    3
kramarczyk    3
Michelle Celio    3
rocketperson44    3
Pavan    3
Andy Baker    2
Dave Scheck    2
dhoizner    2
MissInformation    2
Schnabel    2
Danielle H    2
Don Rotolo    2
wpdrummer    2
114ManualLabor    1
andrew348    1
Bcahn836    1
Goober!!!    1
Jay H 237    1
joshsmithers    1
KelliV    1
SSMike    1
Steve W    1
Jeremiah Johnson    1
Cynette    1

And the picture:

In an attempt to get things back to normal, the deadline will be (theoretically) Saturday at midnight Eastern.


Here a student attempts to show that brilliance is not enhanced simply by standing under bright lights. If more proof is needed, please refer to

When Xzibit took barry’s car to pimp, he told them he wanted something out of this world, but never expected this.

Barry always wanted to see the Space Shuttle up close but could never find the time to travel to Florida so he did the next best thing.
He invented a shrink ray from obsolete KOP parts. Here we see him standing next to his 1:7200 scale Space Shuttle w/launch pad. The light from the desk lamp ruins the illusion though.
On a side note, Barry forgot to install a way to reverse the effects. He now polishes the inside of the pneumatic cylinder for his robotics team.

Yes, it’s true. Barry’s brain is as big as a space shuttle.

Always one who loves a new challenge, Barry endeavours to launch a new ad campaign touting the coolness of geek. Mission accomplished.

Barry(forcing a big smile) - Yeah, I know it’s exploding, but I’m not leaving here without a photo. Hurry up and take it, so we can both get out of here!

[not part of entry]Those of you who are old like me may remember 1963’s Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah. Here’s my take on it.[/not part of entry]

Hello students, hello mentors,
Here I am at Camp Kennedy Space Center
Camp is very entertaining
And *(

I teach robots with Spammy Badame
She lives in Florida, north of Miami
We teach programming to beginners
And tonight we’re testing code on the shuttle after dinner.

All the campers hate the waiting
And the Argentinians need translating
And the kids from England like it hotter
And everyone’s sitting around reading Harry Potter.

Now I don’t want this should scare ya
But we got access to the launch area
Here’s a picture with Endeavor
I’m going to treasure it forever.

Don’t send me home, oh students, mentors
Don’t send me home, I love the Center
Don’t leave me out in the swampland where
I might get eaten by an alligator.
Don’t send me home I promise I will not make noise
Or mess the lab with LEGO toys.
Oh please let me stay
I’ve been here one whole day.

Dearest mentors, darling CDers,
How’s my precious little engineers
I won’t come home, even if you miss me
At the next CD Web Hug you can hug and kiss me.

Wait a minute, it’s stopped pouring.
Nerds are yelling; the engines are roaring
Almost liftoff, gee that’s better
Students, mentors hope you get to read this letter.*

Barry tried his best to play it cool while his robot spontaneously combusted off camera.

Local High School robotics team member Barry Bonzack shown in front of the full-size space shuttle he built himself. [AP photo].

Though he doesn’t usually fully smile (ie. teeth showing), not even Barry could hold it back in a picture of himself in a FIRST shirt, a space shuttle, and God.(the glowing “head” to the left)

Little does Barry know that this new rocket is meant to send him to the ISS.

[Not part of entry] Ding ding ding we have a winner! (I love Allan Sherman) here’s my best shot at 2nd place [/not part of entry]

Barry: Yea, I know the umbrella hat was classic, but my NEW hat really blows people’s socks off!

Thanks to this shirt, no matter where Barry is in the queue, he’s always first in line.

Contrary to what you might think, they tell you not to point the camera at the sun not because it ruins the camera but because it sometimes makes the subject uglier than in real life.

The Ultimate Sweet 16 Present: A space shuttle?

Barry was originally thrilled to land a position with NASA’s ()rbiter #azard and $RB #ealth !nspection +eam, their latest cost-cutting program to target desperate college students. Little did Barry know he would soon be screaming his job’s acronym as he inspected the Shuttle’s exterior, dangling from a harness 150 feet above the safety of the ground.

Upon hearing his screaming and believing it to be exuberant pride in his job and the team he was a part of, his superiors soon promoted him to the position of Chief Painter for the exterior of the Vehicle Assembly Building. Now he spends his time suspended from a harness 450 feet in the air. Keep reaching for the stars, Barry!

“This HAS to do something with next year’s end game task, I just know it”

Barry’s split techno geek and foreign service politician personalities sometimes collide with interesting results. Here we see him trying to impress a girl with a little late night shuttle diplomacy.

After several grueling hours of photo-shop, Barry was finally able to convince the freshmen that he had, in fact, built a space shuttle.