CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #161

Just as a note, the scores are going to be a little off right now. For the full details, read the results post on contest #160.

Here are the scores (roughly):

KathieK    14
Wayne Doenges    14
Travis Hoffman    14
EricS-Team180    13
boiler    12
cooker52    8
EddieMcD    8
skimoose    6
GaryVoshol    6
Greg Needel    6
InfernoX14    6
JaneYoung    6
Rich Wong    6
raymaniac    5
Al Skierkiewicz    4
BlondeNerd    4
Kristian Calhoun    4
Alex Cormier    4
Koko Ed    4
Nuttyman54    4
Tim Delles    3
"Big Mike"    3
Barry Bonzack    3
Bharat Nain    3
Hiteak    3
kramarczyk    3
Michelle Celio    3
rocketperson44    3
Pavan    3
Andy Baker    2
Dave Scheck    2
dhoizner    2
MissInformation    2
Schnabel    2
Danielle H    2
Don Rotolo    2
wpdrummer    2
114ManualLabor    1
andrew348    1
Bcahn836    1
Cynette    1
Goober!!!    1
Jay H 237    1
Jeremiah Johnson    1
joshsmithers    1
KelliV    1
SSMike    1
Steve W    1

And the picture:

The deadline still stands at Saturday at midnight EDT.


Hey, guys, remember Red light/Green light?



Kyle Love - the man with a plan and a pocket comb.

Taken from:
Silver Thunderbird lyrics
by Marc Cohn

<peace Billfred>

Kyle: I know I can control our robot, but let’s see if I can take control of all three at once.

Na, na, na, na, na
Be the ringer, na na na na na…

Everybody was surfing…
Surfing TechnoKats.

If we don’t move, maybe the ref won’t see us and he won’t give us a penalty!

The Real™ reason Andy wanted the foot-fault rule enforced at IRI - they’d been practicing for it all year.

All those years of serving on Safety Patrol in elementary school served Kyle well…

"Drivers have a lot of weight on their shoulders. They determine the outcome of the match, whether it be good or bad. They determine if you’ll be picked, picking, or neither at all.

With that said, it is in every driver’s best interest to practice basic aerobics, calisthenics, and deep breathing before and after every match so you can keep your cool during a match and to avoid high blood pressure due to being stressed out during a match.

Even those rebellious rocker Technokats practice these exercises frequently. It worked for them in St. Louis and it can work for you."

By the way - sorry to hear about your father, Billfred. The loss of a family member can be tough and we hope you can pull through strong.

“If I am going to draw a penalty for a mentor driving a robot anyways, I might as well try to drive all three!”

Not part of entry: This reminds me of IRI when we were with 148 and JVN looked at me as I grabbed a spoiler and told me to put the spoiler down. Everybody took their hands off the controls to prevent something stupid from screwing up the victory.

Entry: “Maybe if they think I’m crazy, they might not notice whats going on the field… Follow my lead guys, LETS SURF!!!”

And the runner is…SAFE!!! What? Oh, Wrong game, sorry…

New Entry:

703 driver: “SirCharles982 will need you before the end, Kyle. The people of Galileo will need you. The defenses have to hold.”

Kyle: “They will hold.”

After falling asleep, for five hours by the hotel pool the day before, Kyle was unable to put his arms down because of the intense pain. Needless to say he won the ‘Burn Award’ :ahh:

Knowing that it’s important to beat the blue alliance to the joysticks, Kyle balances on the white line. This feat is risky because you either get a head start timewise or lose points scorewise if you lose balance.

This frame from a video shows the last movement slow enough to be captured, just before Kyle said “Up, Up and Away” and cost his team 25 penalty points for flying over the wall to retrieve the robot…


I’ve been taught long and hard, and toiled and practiced for many months, in the ways of Andy Baker! I am, as they say, The Next [strike]Karate[/strike] Andy Baker Kid. And I will now attempt to use these powers to autonomously fill the rack…

<not entry> I cant believe the obvious has not been said…</not entry>

STOP! …You can’t touch this.