CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #163

It’s still Monday!

Here are the scores:

Wayne Doenges    26
EricS-Team180    25
KathieK    18
Travis Hoffman    18
boiler    16
EddieMcD    15
Greg Needel    13
GaryVoshol    11
JaneYoung    11
BlondeNerd    10
cooker52    10
Rich Wong    10
InfernoX14    10
raymaniac    9
skimoose    8
Nuttyman54    8
Don Rotolo    7
Koko Ed    7
Al Skierkiewicz    6
joshsmithers    6
rocketperson44    6
Pavan    6
Tim Delles    5
kramarczyk    5
Kristian Calhoun    4
MissInformation    4
Schnabel    4
Alex Cormier    4
"Big Mike"    3
Barry Bonzack    3
Bharat Nain    3
Hiteak    3
Michelle Celio    3
Cynette    3
Andy Baker    2
artdutra04    2
Dave Scheck    2
dhoizner    2
Libby K    2
taylort    2
Bcahn836    2
Danielle H    2
Jeremiah Johnson    2
SSMike    2
wpdrummer    2
114ManualLabor    1
65_Xero_Huskie    1
andrew348    1
EricH    1
Goober!!!    1
Jay H 237    1
JBotAlan    1
Jessica Boucher    1
KelliV    1
Steve W    1

And the picture…

As usual, the deadline is sorta kinda Saturday at midnight.


“ok who took all the Bawls and Red Bull? you can’t have build season without Bawls and Red Bull”

5 mins after kickoff team 587 was already caffeinated enough to go 6 weeks without sleep.

Back in olden times, when a young man and lady got married, the dowry often included livestock and farmland. In this photograph, Josh displays the dowry for a FIRST mentor’s daughter.
My, how the times have changed.

“We put the Dew on the bottom of the stack in hopes of making it last longer. Hasn’t worked yet.”

<not part of entry> Jeez, the 4th reply to the contest and I’m already no better than 4th place. You guys are all too good. </not part of entry>

I dare you to drink all this and then sit on that record player on the second shelf while we douse you in water and throw unpopped popcorn kernels at you.

Part of Josh’s recruiting tour/hard sell:

Here you see the stash closet -
the place to be -
golden oldies while you

replenish -

Hey, when you join, we could use some more Dew and some Rolling Stones.
Rock on! See you soon. Peace out.

As you can see, our team barely has enough supplies for half the students for one week. Thats we we need you donations today! Call now at 1-800-FEED-587 and you can help a starving team member today.

Kid in picture: This is where the food and drinks are stored for an emergency robotics meeting. We meet here when a possible snowstorm breaks out and our robot is still in shambles.

(DISCLAIMER: I am not trying to offend or make assumptions about the team. It’s just a caption.)

Looks like it’s movie night for 587. The only thing lacking is the movie. Oh well, they built a robot instead.

Josh proudly displays the hitherto well-kept secret to 587’s success… Caffeine, sugar, and Orville’s!

[npoe]…and I’m 10th and in 10th or 11th place… Yeah Gary, I know the feeling…[/npoe]


587 has finished modifying their crate for the first public demonstration of the unconfirmed “ship the freshmen” approach to finishing the robot by week 1.

This picture was taken 5 seconds before josh announced to the team “Free Food and Drink!” What we can’t show is the stampede that resulted.
Josh is recovering nicely and will be on his feet in a week or two.

Inspired by recent movie offerings, 587 has designed a robot that transforms to resemble an pile of refreshments when other teams are scouting their pit.

Update: 587 had a pile of refreshments confiscated from their pit for violating the “no food or drinks in the pit” rule.

“The team is out and I’m tired…what a great way to relax with my secret stash…”

“I threw away that pile of useless parts and filled the space with something much more useful…Wha-? That pile of useless parts was our robot!!! ooops…”

<new entry>

Old mother Hubbard with a robot twist.

Team member josh,
still tasting mouthwash.
went to get some food.
But when he got there
The cupboard was bare
and so poor josh got none.

In search of a dew.
The quest continued
Until the box was found.
He cracked open a can
then was jumped on the spot
so the can fell from his hand

And onto the floor
by the shop door,
making a big puddle.
A mentor slips
but all is normal
10 days till the robot ships.

For just $4.50 per day, you can sponsor a needy roboticist with the bare essentials. Please give.


Has your team ever left packing to the freshmen?

You get to your first Regional, open the shipping crate, …

and THIS is what you find! :eek:

Ummmm, I thought you packed the robot…

Robot, what’s a robot…

“Here we have Billfred’s personal food storage. Since it can often take him days to judge a caption contest and he doesn’t want to get up for anything, Billfred keeps all the standard rations within five feet of his computer.”