CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #164

With 46 minutes to spare!

Here are the scores:

EricS-Team180    27    180
Wayne Doenges    27    1501
Travis Hoffman    20    48
KathieK    18    0
boiler    18    1529
rocketperson44    16    1687
EddieMcD    16    0
Greg Needel    14    73
GaryVoshol    13    1188
JaneYoung    12    418
BlondeNerd    11    339
cooker52    11    1501
InfernoX14    11    166
Rich Wong    10    0
skimoose    9    228
raymaniac    9    116
Al Skierkiewicz    8    111
Don Rotolo    8    1676
Nuttyman54    8    190
Pavan    8    118
Koko Ed    7    191
kramarczyk    7    1189
joshsmithers    6    587
lukevanoort    5    587
Tim Delles    5    229
Hiteak    5    1930
Andy Baker    4    45
Dave Scheck    4    111
Kristian Calhoun    4    25
MissInformation    4    116
Schnabel    4    45
Alex Cormier    4    0
Otaku    3    675
"Big Mike"    3    1923
Barry Bonzack    3    1390
Bharat Nain    3    25
EricH    3    330
Michelle Celio    3    1065
Bcahn836    3    0
Cynette    3    1511
artdutra04    2    228
dhoizner    2    375
Libby K    2    1923
taylort    2    1293
Danielle H    2    393
Jeremiah Johnson    2    648
SSMike    2    250
wpdrummer    2    1902
114ManualLabor    1    114
65_Xero_Huskie    1    65
andrew348    1    348
Dorienne    1    1719
Goober!!!    1    1501
Jay H 237    1    237
JBotAlan    1    68
Jessica Boucher    1    40
KelliV    1    111
Steve W    1    188

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is sorta kinda not really Saturday at midnight EDT.



“OWL be back!”

in a battle as epic as the ages, David vs Goliath, Noah vs. the ark, Copioli vs Big Mike… ONLY ONE WILL SURVIVE will David defeat Goliath or will Copioli fall to the awesomeness of Big Mike

“That’s one small ramp for an owl, one giant leap for owlkind.”

  • Neil Wingstrong

The Owl-bot is on patrol, scaring pigeons away from the other robots. (To a pigeon, a stationary robot looks an awful lot like a statue in the park.)

The Eye of the Owl

Risin up – back on the ramp,
Did my time, took my chances
Went the distance now Im back on my wheels
Just a 'bot and his will to defeat –
So many times, it happens too fast,
You go and topple and tumble
Dont lose your grip on the ramp of the Swamp,
You must work to get those 30 points

Its the eye of the owl,
Its the thrill of the ramps,
Rising up to the challenge of the blue team,
And the last known survivor
Stalks his prey in the finals,
And hes watching us all
With the eye of the owl.

bumper to bumper – out on the field,
Pushin’ tough, stayin’ defensive
They ring the rack still we take to that ramp
For the points, with the power to win –


Climbin’ up the Children of the Swamp
Had the torque, had the traction
Went the distance, now MARS and us on top
Just three bots and their will to defeat –


Mars Bot: in a booming voice “I am the Mars Bot, who approaches the throne?”
Owl Bot: “Who?”
Mars Bot: “That’s what I said, who approaches?”
Owl Bot: “Who?”
Mars Bot: “Who are you to ask me who I am?”
Owl Bot: “Who?”
Mars Bot: “You thats who.”
Owl Bot: “Who?”
this goes on for 15 minutes
Mars Bot: “Listen, if you say “Who” one more time and I will go insane”
Owl Bot: “Who?”
Mars Bot: “AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHH” starts spinning around and smokes starts pouring out of its brain
Owl Bot: “Another bot bites the dust. Heehee.”

i dont really know what this game is, but i more or less get the picture

From an owls points of view, the road from Earth to Mars is just like a swampy ramp.

Don’t tell me that NASA is sending owls to M.A.R.S. before they send humans there! Who would do a thing like that?

Rabit- A little bit closer, then that owl will fall right into our trap.

1523 is scared into a corner by the Owlbot.

[NPOE]Lame, but it’s been a bad day[/NPOE]

Here we see one of FIRST’s earliest attempts to turn to a more “natural” vision system replacement for the CMUCam. This test was reportedly quite a hoot, as OWLVision 0.8 beta proved to be a mild success; unfortunately, the cost of strapping live mice to vision targets was prohibitive, almost as much as the need to turn off the lights to simulate nighttime was annoying to everyone but the owl.

unfortunately, the cost of strapping live mice to vision targets was prohibitive

[not an entry]Not to mention trouble with P.E.T.A.[not an entry]

[NE] I figured they’d be busy with Michael Vick for awhile. :rolleyes: [/NE]

Don’t forget the American Society for the Promotion of Consumption of Animals - A.S.P.C.A."

[not an entry] People Eating Tasty Animals? :stuck_out_tongue: [/not an entry]

“What do you mean you don’t believe me? I’m telling you, this owl came in the KOP.”

Geez, I knew Harry Potter was big, but I didn’t think the FIRST would start using owls to deliver the KOP…

Far from the hundred acre wood, Owl meets a Brave New World.

Poor little Owlbot. He was shunned by the other owls because he couldn’t fly. He was constantly being chased by cats.
Then one day he heard a heavy metal robot band trying to sing a new song but they couldn’t get it quite right.
Marsbot: singing “Who are you?”
Chorus: “Whoof, whoof, whoof, whoof”
Marsbot: singing “Who are you?”
Chorus: “Whoof, whoof, whoof, whoof”
Marsbot: "Stop!. That doesn’t make any sense. This is what I get for hiring a hair-lipped robot. Can’t anyone sing ‘Who’?
Owlbot: “I think I can help.”
Marsbot: "OK, you’re on. " singing “Who are you?”
Owlbot: “Who, who, who, who”
And so Owlbot found his niche and a hit song was made.
[not an entry] My appologies to the band ‘The Who’[not an entry]

Arefin (thinking to himself): Darn owl, stealing my wardrobe selections! This is the third time this week.