CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #172

It’s still Sunday!

Here are the scores:

Wayne Doenges    54
Travis Hoffman    43
EddieMcD    42
KathieK    40
boiler    37
EricS-Team180    36
lukevanoort    30
GaryVoshol    28
JaneYoung    25
Greg Needel    23
Al Skierkiewicz    22
rocketperson44    22
kramarczyk    21
EricH    19
Rich Wong    19
InfernoX14    17
skimoose    16
Don Rotolo    15
BlondeNerd    14
cooker52    14
Jay H 237    13
raymaniac    12
joshsmithers    10
Pavan    10
Hiteak    8
Nuttyman54    8
Libby K    7
Alex Cormier    7
Koko Ed    7
Alexa Stott    6
Andy Baker    6
Barry Bonzack    6
Tim Delles    5
Tottanka    5
Dave Scheck    4
Kristian Calhoun    4
MissInformation    4
Schnabel    4
"Big Mike"    4
Bcahn836    4
Cynette    4
Otaku    3
3dude_2231    3
Bharat Nain    3
Michelle Celio    3
taylort    3
Danielle H    3
SSMike    3
artdutra04    2
Beth Sweet    2
ChrisH    2
dhoizner    2
KarenH    2
KTorak    2
Richard    2
Jeremiah Johnson    2
wpdrummer    2
zinefer    2
114ManualLabor    1
65_Xero_Huskie    1
andrew348    1
Dorienne    1
Goober!!!    1
JBotAlan    1
Jessica Boucher    1
KelliV    1
Steve W    1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is theoretically Saturday at midnight.


It seems like Stephanies birthday cake was so good that the field resetrors took it as a ringer. A few seconds later, the number 8 middle spider leg looks like someone 8 years old bday cake.

Once again, MIT shows that it’s often beneficial to look to the heavens.

This is why some teams don’t post anything about their robots on CD during build: even jokes may inspire some crazy team out there.

The element of surprise: opponent drive team suspects nothing, seconds before the fiendish autonomous levitating ringer descends …

Drive coach: No, you DON’T get points for scoring a ringer on the pole that is helping get power to the rack!

Hapless rookie human player: What about the raised basketball hoop?

Coach: We are NOT playing basketball here!


Person in charge of filling ringers: “Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to fill the ringers with helium.”

In soviet russia ringer caps you!!!

The little blue tube that could:

I want to be like the Goodyear Blimp.
It starts here!

[npoe] when KathieK read this post, she sent me this link: haha [/npoe]

Team 1980 Drive Captain: “It was here a minute ago.”

MIT player: “The anti gravity ray is working!”


and for my caption:

“The human player didnt know that getting a ringer on the referee doesnt count”

Combining Aim High with Rack-n-Roll: Try having your human player shoot a ringer around a basketball net.

Team 1980: “So THAT’S what the big “DO NOT PRESS” button does…”

moments earlier…
team 1980 driver: our robot is so awesome it can shoot a ringer through that basketball hoop
MIT kid: prove it
team 1980 driver (thinking) : so this is why mom told me not to taunt the other teams

Teen from MIT: I don’t think your robot is supposed to through ringers back at you.

1980: Blast.

So this is why we shouldn’t use the “FIRST is like Basketball” speech.

When all else failed, team 1980 activated plan beta:

Launch the heat-seaking ringer and stare inconspicuously at the controller board.

(Unfortunately, they neglected to test plan beta during practice, leading to general disarray.)

…in my thoughts I have seen
rings of blue,
lights of green,
and the voices of those who stand looking…

In an off-season twist to last year’s game, Duel organizers decided to let Human Players hang from the rafters and try and drop ringers onto the rack…