CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #185

Before I completely freeze!

Here are the scores:

GaryVoshol    79
Travis Hoffman    78
boiler    76
JaneYoung    75
Wayne Doenges    72
EddieMcD    71
KathieK    60
EricS-Team180    56
Al Skierkiewicz    55
Rich Wong    46
kramarczyk    43
EricH    40
skimoose    38
Don Rotolo    33
lukevanoort    30
rocketperson44    29
Greg Needel    29
BlondeNerd    23
Barry Bonzack    20
InfernoX14    17
raymaniac    17
cooker52    15
Alan8or    14
Jay H 237    13
joshsmithers    12
Tottanka    12
dlavery    10
Libby K    10
MissInformation    10
3dude_2231    10
Schnabel    10
Pavan    10
Hiteak    8
Nuttyman54    8
Richard    7
Alex Cormier    7
Koko Ed    7
Cynette    7
Alexa Stott    6
Andy Baker    6
KarenH    6
Kristian Calhoun    6
Rosiebotboss    6
zinefer    6
Tim Delles    5
Dave Scheck    4
"Big Mike"    4
taylort    4
wpdrummer    4
Bcahn836    4
Danielle H    4
SSMike    4
Otaku    3
Bharat Nain    3
Michelle Celio    3
Rich Kressly    3
Zyik    3
basicxman    3
artdutra04    2
Beth Sweet    2
ChrisH    2
dhoizner    2
iCurtis    2
KTorak    2
Lil' Lavery    2
sishu7    2
Tetraman    2
Jeremiah Johnson    2
114ManualLabor    1
65_Xero_Huskie    1
andrew348    1
blakcheez    1
cobrawanabe1699    1
Conor Ryan    1
Dorienne    1
Elgin Clock    1
Goober!!!    1
Jack K.    1
JBotAlan    1
Jessica Boucher    1
KelliV    1
Steve W    1
whlspacedude    1

And the picture*

*before George’s impromptu one takes root and keeps me from using it in the future!

As always, the deadline is theoretically Saturday at midnight.


Billfred, trying to be “cool” with frozen precipitation.

So THAT’S where that snowball I threw a few days ago went!

Nanook, in his college days.

[npoe]I can always FedEx some snow down to SC if you need it…/]


Extra Strength Head and Shoulders for the win!


One of the early signs of brain damage due to hypothermia is uncontrollable Joe-Matt-posing.

Here we see a picture of Billfred auditioning for a famous dandruff shampoo. Unfortunately he didn’t get the job. The reason: “not enough hair” :smiley:

Snow? Snow!?! Ya call that snow? Why I remember a snowstorm we had I think it was in '08 maybe, it was snowing so hard you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. The cows all gave ice cream cause the snow was so deep and we had to move the mailbox to the top of that old maple tree out front just so the post office could find it.

Billfred tries the “Joe Matt” pose during an extreme cold spell* and freezes that way until Spring**.

    • well, extreme cold for SC
      ** - Or approximately 7:09 pm Jan. 21, when he thawed enough to post the contest.

Come rain, snow, sleet, or hail -
Billfred’s humor will prevail.

How many times do I have to tell you, if you pose with that silly face for that long, it’ll freeze that way…
We wouldn’t want that, now, would we?

In the distant FIRST future…

“OK Kids. Here’s a picture of me when I was a young FIRST mentor.”

WOW! Winters sure were bad back in the days before Global Warming, Mr. Leverette.

Billfred puts the final nail in the coffin for that pose, and we move on and enjoy life in our new Joe Matt Pose free world.

[not an entry]

A long, long time ago…
I can still remember
How the Joe Matt Pose used to make me smile.
And I knew if it had a chance
That it could make some people dance
And, maybe, they’d be happy for a while.

But Columbia snow made Billfred shiver
The Joe Matt Pose, he did deliver.
Snowflakes on his bald head;
Yet another Pose, we did dread.

I can’t remember if I cried
When I saw this pic, I rolled my eyes.
But something told me deep inside
This was the day the Joe Matt Pose died.

[/not an entry]

Apologies to original theme of song - if Weird Al can spoof it…

Next time on Fight Quest:

BillFred, introduces you to the USC campus, now a hot bed of digit wrestling, in: “Thumbs of Fury”

Billfred gets the official word from GQ… mutton chops are back!!! :ahh:

Billfred traveled Columbia with intent to introduce the Joe Matt Pose to the natives and become their emperor…

However, it turned out to be a “Snow Pose,” and has been adopted as a ritual to bring about precipitation.

Always rember kids, hair doesn’t go away - it just moves south. :smiley:

“Billfred’s working way too much.” Riiiiiggghhhttt…

Wanting the sympathy vote from the northern teams, Billfred sprinkled some coconut flakes around and declared it a “snowstorm”. Yeah, right.