CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #19

Well, it’s that time again. And I’m actually posting it close to midnight! Gasp!

To start, the scores…

 MissInformation: 54
 greencactus3: 52
 Gary Dillard: 42
 Michelle 236: 41
 dlavery: 37
 JVN: 36
 Greg Needel: 32
 Elgin Clock: 31
 T. Hoffman: 31
 DCA Fan: 28
 "Big Mike": 27
 EddieMcD: 27
 Dorienne Plait: 26
 Jeff Waegelin: 25
 Jay H 237: 23
 Andy Baker: 21
 Amanda Morrison: 20
 GateRunner: 18
 Mike Ciance: 17
 BCahn836: 16
 JosephM: 16
 Brandon Martus: 15
 Lil' Lavery: 11
 Matt Attallah: 9
 Shyra1353: 9
 Tom Schindler: 9
 Astronouth7303: 9
 Rich Wong: 8
 tkwetzel: 8
 Aignam: 7
 Vivelation: 7
 Eugenia Gabrielov: 6
 Jack Jones: 6
 Jessica Boucher: 6
 wetzel: 6
 ZACH P.: 6
 DanielBCR: 5
 Kyle45: 5
 RogerR: 5
 VGMasterShadow: 5
 Corey Balint: 4
 George1083: 4
 Ken Patton: 4
 Meli W.: 4
 Andrew Rudolph: 3
 Ben Lauer: 3
 CourtneyB: 3
 David Kelly: 3
 Denman: 2
 DJ Fluck: 2
 ECarlson: 2
 Jake177: 2
 Joe Ross: 2
 karinka13: 2
 Aaron Lussier: 1
 Coco The Monkey: 1
 Collin Fultz: 1
 DanielBCR: 1
 ElfMaster: 1
 JakeGallagher: 1
 Katie Reynolds: 1
 sanddrag: 1

And just to make things interesting (and to make judging at four in the morning simpler), I’m going to point out a few things…

  • When I judge, I simply copy everyone’s entries into Notepad. Links and pictures, as humorous (or in that one case of Dave’s entry of Heidi and Mr. T, disturbing) as they may be, are not scored.
  • While multiple entries are allowed, I will say that usually the first entry is the one I laugh at more. That’s usually a good sign.

With that said, the picture would be something like this…

Until 9:00 PM Friday…

Kid in background: “Na na na na boo boo, you can’t catch me.”
Camera man: “Wait till these two are down and I’ll put the death grip on you.”

Dave: “Imposter…I am the real JVN!”

So then I stuck my tongue out like this…and I couldn’t get it off the pole!!!

Let’s see who’s the first one to catch a snowflake on thier tongue!

Dave: “How could you tell that girl I had an anger management problem!!! HOW?!”
JVN: choking, speaking rasply “I…I swear I didn’t!!”
Guy in back: “Hey Dave, are you sure John isn’t telling the truth…?”

“…And here we are in the third round of ‘My tongue is stuck to an invisable pole’, with neither opponent backing down…”

“Are you sure this is a good way to send subliminal messages to my drive team during competition???”

Hey lets see who can do the best Gene Simmons impression.

(i know the link won’t be judged)

JVN - When I tried to kiss her like this all she did was slap me.

(Background) - No, your suppose to kiss her like this

(Right) - [Thinking]No wonder they can’t get anything…


“Being a coach is great! These kids copy me like monkees… scratch my head, and they’ll scratch theirs, stick my tongue out and… see! See what I mean!”

“long distance relationships rarely work… this is a prime example”

Baker:“kyle you could get one of these someday.”(points at award)
Me: (thinks to myself) “Why do I want something baker won, I AM JVN!”

John VN was caught revealing the secret greeting of UFH Brotherhood to Dave and Chris. Fortunately the secret greeting of UFH Sisterhood is still save. :wink:

another not so sucessful meeting of the “Mom said our faces would be stuck like that” club and those 3 arent only president they are also clients

The mass panic that ensues when JVN accidentally lodges a grape up his nose.

(p.s. - ‘that guy’ in the background is the FIRST Encyclopedia, Chris Carnevale. I was actually standing next to him/behind Dave, but was not in the picture.)

“…This is your brain on drugs.”

Dave: Aaaah! I hate losing FIRST trivia matches. That was a trick question!
John: Don’t choke me, Chris beats everyone!

JVN: Steel!

Dave: Aluminum!

JVN: Steel!!!

Dave: Aluminum!!!

Chris: Fiberglass!

(it’s really funnier if you read this thread first :slight_smile: )


Sooner or later i guess ill feel a snowflake hit my toungue.