CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #199

Still Monday!

Here are the scores:

Travis Hoffman    117
JaneYoung    115
GaryVoshol    112
EddieMcD    111
boiler    107
Wayne Doenges    100
KathieK    86
Al Skierkiewicz    79
EricH    75
EricS-Team180    72
kramarczyk    69
Don Rotolo    68
Rich Wong    59
skimoose    50
rocketperson44    31
BlondeNerd    31
lukevanoort    30
Greg Needel    30
Barry Bonzack    25
raymaniac    21
dlavery    20
InfernoX14    18
joshsmithers    17
Alan8or    16
Rick TYler    16
cooker52    15
Diriye    14
Jay H 237    14
Tottanka    12
Schnabel    11
Libby K    10
MissInformation    10
3dude_2231    10
Pavan    10
Andy Baker    8
KarenH    8
Hiteak    8
Alex Cormier    8
Nuttyman54    8
Richard    7
Koko Ed    7
Cynette    7
Danielle H    7
Alexa Stott    6
Kristian Calhoun    6
Rosiebotboss    6
wpdrummer    6
basicxman    6
zinefer    6
Tim Delles    5
Michelle Celio    5
taylort    5
Dave Scheck    4
Joe Matt    4
"Big Mike"    4
Rich Kressly    4
Bcahn836    4
SSMike    4
Derek Smith    3
Otaku    3
artdutra04    3
BandChick    3
Bharat Nain    3
Dorienne    3
Elgin Clock    3
Jeff Rodriguez    3
Zyik    3
11Mort11    2
Beth Sweet    2
ChrisH    2
dhoizner    2
iCurtis    2
KTorak    2
Lil' Lavery    2
Peter Matteson    2
robotcanuck1676    2
ShaneP    2
sishu7    2
Spiffizzle    2
Tetraman    2
vhcook    2
Jeremiah Johnson    2
lilstogi11    2
Matt Attallah    2
114ManualLabor    1
1902_Battery_SGT    1
65_Xero_Huskie    1
andrew348    1
bduddy    1
blakcheez    1
blaxbb    1
Carol    1
cobrawanabe1699    1
Conor Ryan    1
Goober!!!    1
Jack K.    1
JBotAlan    1
Jessica Boucher    1
KelliV    1
SlimBoJones    1
Steve W    1
whlspacedude    1
lingomaniac88    1
Herodotus    1
Littleswimmer14    1

And the picture:

The deadline remains Saturday at midnight Eastern in theory, but keep in mind that it’s exam week here at USC.




[NPOE] Yes, that was a deliberate mistake.[/NPOE]

Now we know why FIRST emphasizes the use of safety glasses so often.

Little Skippy was so upset his parents wouldn’t buy him an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle, he decided to build a fully functional replica out of LEGOs. Bad call, Skippy. Bad call.

Just stand really still Mister, and you’ll get a great photo in a few seconds. Heh, Heh, Heh! :eek:

This is really embarassing. I should have listened to mom when she told me if I didn’t stop making funny faces at my younger brother, my face would freeze that way…

I am the face of FIRST.
I build robots.
Fear me.

voice in the background - you were supposed to say, ‘I am JVN.’

I did.

Popeye meets Moe from the Three Stooges.

[npoe]The OP of this pic says it has been used a lot. It very closely resembles another picture from Mission Mars or No Limits that has shown up in many publications and websites over the past few years. [/npoe]

“They made me stand here posing for FIVE minutes, and then they crop everything out of the picture but my shoulder and left ear. Stupid photographer.”

<Igor>:Ahh ha ha ha, yesss, master! It is ALIVE!!!

[The following are not entries, just the output of an overwrought creativity module]

  • <singing> “but I only have eye… for youuuu…”

  • I may have lost my eye, but I still won’t wear safety glasses (reference to Dale Earnhardt and HANS)

  • I was just playing with it, and it squirted me in the eye!

  • Yep, it’s straight!

  • And this is my best Gnome impression…

  • Ready… Aim…

(Some Abbey chap. Er… Abbey Normal?)


I have my eye on you so don’t touch my Lego

“Ooh, that girl with the camera sure is cute. I wonder if she’ll notice a sly little wink…”

“I could do this with my eyes closed! Well, almost…”

“Note to self: Do not point robot directly at face…”

“Arrrhhhh that be the line…”

Youngin’: (muttering) Out of everyone on the team, they pick the kid with one good eye to align the robot. No sense made. Well, they better not blame me when we head toward the wrong mission. If they forgot the new code again…this is…mrnermirgmbc…

Veer me robot starboard, matey, Yarrrrrrrr!

Brain: PINKY!!! Blast your infernal cycloptic thinking!!
Pinky: Narf!?!
Brain: I clearly specified that I wanted a stereoscopic vision system in this android to facilitate triangulation of the target’s position.
Pinky: Narf???
Brain: sigh That googly eyed robot I showed you in the pretty ‘Behind the Design’ book.
Pinky: Oh, the googly eyed one, it’s funny looking… narf… hic… But Brain, doesn’t this android have two eyes?
Brain: Yes, Pinky it does… And I HAVE TO RUN BACK AND FORTH TO LOOK OUT EACH ONE!!! Just close the one on your side and I’ll make due. Fortunately, my myopic friend, my android creation is child sized and the bystanders will simply think we are being… ‘cute’. shudders

Brain: We’ll have to do better tomorow if my plan is to succeed.
Pinky: Why Brain, what are we going to do tomorrow?
Brain: sigh The same thing we do every night, try to take over the world!

“Is he using his eye to align the robot? Because his eye is certainly not part of the robot, and he is therefore using something not part of the robot to assist with positioning it, in clear violation of Rule <G16>.”

Here we see the best student who can align the robot within a micrometer, of his target, but his depth perception totally stinks.