CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #2

Alright, same song, second verse.

The points, if you were wondering…

Jeff Wagelin: 10
Lil’ Lavery: 5
Katie Reynolds: 1
sanddrag: 1
greencactus3: 1
Greg Needel: 1
Collin Fultz: 1
ZACH P.: 1
Elgin Clock: 1
afflictionblade: 1
Andy Baker: 1
Astronouth7303: 1
Ben Lauer: 1

(As you can see, I’ve decided to give anyone who entered a point. If nothing else, you’ll be able to do decently in this game by competing, even if you’re not being funny. And if you substitute “being funny” with “hanging from the bar”, you kinda get this year’s game. Funny how that works.)

One other thing–one entry per person, please! The last post you make is the one I’ll count.

Now for the picture…

The deadline is midnight Saturday! Get cracking!

I’m blanking…

No, that is not an entree!

Ditto, im just so confused how someone could cheer for a team like the Red Wings.

Shouldn’t i be talking into the Microphone?

Well, Spongebob, if you wanna be fancy, just hold your thumb and microphone in the air like this. The higher you hold them, the fancier you are! :slight_smile:

‘I lost 200 lbs on the Subway Diet!!! Thanks Jared!!!’

vomits upon seeing red wings jersey

my actual entry:
“when you give a dj a jersey”(i know its bad, but that horrible red jersey blots out my mind… GO AVS!)

(not an entry)
curse not being edit on this part of the forum, that was my 300th post! woot!

“Hi, my name is D.J. Fluck, I like hearing myself talk, I live with my parents, and I LOOOOVVEE the Red Wings!”

Oh, the things I put up with to please Copioli.

my pants are falling down, but who cares! the red wings are sweet!!

Check out how good my new deodorant works!

Whooooooaaaaaa, watch out! Man, I suck at rollerblading. But it’s the first annual Technokitten skating party fundraiser, and I’ve got to get to the stage to MC the next cake walk! Get out of my way, Grandma!

“Ice… Ice… baby…”

That is simply hilarious!

With this post, I suggest that the rest of us sit down, shut up, and bow to Heidi.

Andy B.

With all due respect to Mr. Baker, I will remind the group that there is still about four and a half days until the deadline…at that point, you can all commence your various sitting, shutting, and bowing. :slight_smile:

I had to participate. This is my entry:

“Yo yo yo, this is your DJ: Dee to the Jay to the Fluckizzle. Word!”

Also, the odds of Heidi not winning are 1 in, well, a very large number.

Alright, lemme dole out the points. Geeze, this one was hard.

First place: M to the Izzle. Andy called it waaaaaay in advance, and I could’ve done a 2000 election on it, but it’s still just too freaking funny.
Second: deansmyidol. He does kinda look like Jared, doesn’t he?

Now I’m going to exercise my right to give out some honorable mentions, all worth two points a pop:

“Big Mike”
Mike Ciance
Jeff Wagelin
Joe Ross

And I’m giving two points to Andy Baker, mainly because he called it. Don’t expect me to award that next time, even if your name is Miss Cleo.