CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #214

Here it goes!

The scores, after the last round:

Don Rotolo    19
EricH    16
Travis Hoffman    16
InfernoX14    15
kramarczyk    14
acdcfan259    14
FoXy92    11
boiler    10
rocketperson44    9
Wayne Doenges    8
GaryVoshol    8
JaneYoung    7
Karibou    7
Rich Wong    7
Lions for First    7
KathieK    6
EricS-Team180    5
Al Skierkiewicz    4
lingomaniac88    4
Greg Needel    3
tim_reiher    3
"Big Mike"    3
BlondeNerd    2
SlaminSwimster    2
KarenH    2
Water Bandit23    1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is theoretically Saturday at midnight Eastern.


Yo, Tetra! Down in front!

The question is not how many clowns fit in the car, it’s how many FIRSTers fit in the tetra. They’re still engineering the optimum solution, which is why nobody is actually inside yet.

“if this is the game element fot next year im sure the size will go up”
(after the size is reduced that year)
“im starting to not like this anymore”

Off-screen safety judge: “HOLD IT RIGHT THERE, you two* don’t appear to be wearing ASNI-approved safety glasses! EVERYONE knows that corrective lens glasses do NOT constitute as safety glasses!”

*Bottom and top left of the members inside the tetra. It’s hard to tell if they are or are not actually wearing safety glasses.

How do you get a small child to look at the camera? Throw a stuffed animal out in front of them to get thier attention.

Now how do you get a bunch of FIRSTers to look at the camera? Throw a tetra out in front silly! :smiley:

Team 303 discovers a limitation of Beatty’s strategy, namely, difficulties accommodating consensus decision-making. This problem is further intensified with low-cost temples (See right.)

The head advisor addresses the team while holding a standard tetra, trying to get her kids to understand. Channeling Harold Ramis, she begins…

“Well, let’s say this tetra represents the typical size of an Innovation FIRST Victor 884 Speed Controller used in the FIRST Robotics Competition. According to this morning’s press release, the new Jaguar replacement would be a tetra six feet wide and five and a quarter feet tall…kinda like that one you’re standing behind…”

Student electrical captain, choking on his Mountain Dew…

“That’s a BIG tetra…”

What’s more impressive? The fact that the robot is supporting the large tetra or that none of the members are hiding their faces from the camera. I thought every team had someone like that. :confused:

<npoe>Wow, tough competition this week.</npoe>

So, while the rest of the country will be playing with a standard sized tetra, this district tetra is what Michigan has decided best suits the needs of thier region.

And here we see that the problem of English/Metric unit usage in the NASA Mars program has filtered down to FRC teams.

[nae] They said Dave Lavery’s stomach ulcer grew three sizes that day…:rolleyes: [/nae]

Team 303, heard Dave say “think big this year,” and took it a bit to literally.

The Panthers’ safety claws for preventing catastrophes:
Be prepared when getting fired up during build.
Extinguish all doubts.
12 people to a tetra – no more, no less.
Watch out for crazy people like Copioli.

Team 303 has a fever, and the only cure is bigger tetras!!!

This is a perfect example of how the brain can be confused by an optical illusion.
Which is bigger, the tetra in front of the camera or the one on the table?
Answer They are both the same size. The one in front of the camera is closer to the lens. You didn’t think the girl could hold up the tetra, by herself, if it was as big as it appears to be?

Here we see several local retirees harnessing the power of the [strike] pyramid[/strike] tetra to revert to an age where they could pass off as High School students, in an effort to use their vast experience to dominate the competition. Unfortunately, they were of an age that couldn’t even set the time on their VCRs and, sadly, lost to some young whippersnappers.

[NPOE]: Holy Carp, how in the world did I get a first place out of that drivel? There goes my Bridesmaid award for the 2009 season :frowning: [/NPOE]

Since our robot was to large to fit the game… we enlarged the game to fit the robot!

Life lesson #1729:
Tetras make bad picture borders.

In an attepmt to prove that everything can be improved upon, this team decides to test a theory. Make it bigger but take off one side and see if it still has the same wonderful properties that a pyramid has. Unfortunately no one watched the Mythbusters disprove the pyramid claims, so no one in the picture is going to get any smarter just by sitting under their creation.