CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #216

It’s that time again!

Here are the scores after the last round:

Don Rotolo    24
EricH    24
rocketperson44    21
Travis Hoffman    19
Al Skierkiewicz    16
kramarczyk    16
acdcfan259    16
InfernoX14    16
GaryVoshol    14
boiler    13
FoXy92    11
Wayne Doenges    11
KathieK    10
JaneYoung    10
Karibou    10
Lions for First    10
EricS-Team180    7
Rich Wong    7
lingomaniac88    6
SlaminSwimster    4
BlondeNerd    3
Greg Needel    3
tim_reiher    3
"Big Mike"    3
Jay H 237    2
KarenH    2
rtfgnow    2
Schnabel    2
Water Bandit23    2
Elgin Clock    1
MoeMom    1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is theoretically Saturday at midnight Eastern.


No turtles were harmed in the making of this caption contest. However, we make no such guarantees for the sanity of a certain new england FIRST-er

When things go wrong on the Super Mario Bros. set:

Director: “CUT! You’re supposed to jump on the Koopa Troopa BEFORE kicking it at the Goombas! Ugh… why did that Italian plumber have to take a vacation now?”

As Andy attacks the obvious hint, Karthik is hiding behind the photographer, subtly searching for any further, more subtle hints left by Dave. He finally found it, two vertical posts surrounding the globe cafe, ready for launch.

After losing, Andy “the hare” Grady takes it out on the tortoise. The next race, the hare didn’t sleep, but the tortoise won again. From his hospital gurney, Andy vowed to build a robot to race for him the next time…

VH1 Voice Dude: “After the break: How the tortoise really beat the hare. Next, on Inside the Fable”

Tortoise: This is what happens when you lose by the hare on your chinny chinny chin.

Andy: If YOU would have just SLOWed down - it would have been a breeze.

Tortoise - Not when the name of the game is OVERDRIVE, dude. I am wedded to no myth, no legend. I have my own plane - er, plan. Win.

Andy: ok, ok - let’s shellve this discussion 'til next season.

Choreographer: -sigh- It’s really not that hard. A simple hop, step, twirl, and leap onto the turtle.

andy cracks open the shell and finds inside the plans for the ultimate robot

Turtle: “Why are all these nerds staring at me, making faces, screaming, and abusing me??”

Andy G.: “Darn you Dave Lavery!!!”

“Slow and Slower”, the sequel to “Dumb and Dumber” that (fortunately) never was made.

Having seen one too many Harry Potter movies, Andy attempts to reanimate 131’s 2008 robot “pokey” for one more offseason event using magic. Unfortunately, his aim was off, all he succeeded in doing was turning an innocent tourist into a monkey, seen in the background.

[NPOE]How Andy broke his foot.[/NPOE]


people in the backround trying to take a photo: why are these nerds ruining our vacation by kicking that poor turtle in all of our nice photos

Andy: "Hey turtle, if you loose your shell are you naked or homeless?
Turtle: “Cold.”

Honest Jess! This thing moved! As soon as you looked away it moved! There it did it again!

Andy was definitely not a fan of the RC turtle Jess got him for his birthday. A marital retribution equivalent to a hundred thousand clipboard whacks soon followed.

Move to the left… oh, too far. Move to the right, just a bit. There. Say “cheese” on 3: 1… 2…


Hey you with the “Hanson Brothers Fan Club” on the back of your shirt… get out of the way!!

[Voice over Voice] In a world where turtles rule with an iron fist, one man fights back.[/Voice over Voice]

Can turtles make fists? Other than the teenage mutant ninja variety, that is? :stuck_out_tongue:

Here, Andy Grady learns what many new runners often learn after their first race: taking longer steps does not increase your speed, taking quicker steps does.

Thus, he learns this the hard way. He is beaten by a turtle in a sad attempt to get to the game hint first.

[NPOE]I think that actually running Cross Country this year is affecting my brain. Now, I’m applying CC morals to robotics. Something is VERY wrong here…[/NPOE]