CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #217

Good thing there’s no thunder to knock out my cable!

Here are the scores after the last round:

Don Rotolo    26
EricH    26
rocketperson44    22
Travis Hoffman    21
Al Skierkiewicz    18
kramarczyk    17
acdcfan259    17
InfernoX14    16
lingomaniac88    16
JaneYoung    15
GaryVoshol    15
boiler    14
Wayne Doenges    13
KathieK    12
Karibou    12
FoXy92    11
Lions for First    11
EricS-Team180    8
Rich Wong    7
SlaminSwimster    6
Water Bandit23    5
tim_reiher    4
BlondeNerd    3
Greg Needel    3
rtfgnow    3
"Big Mike"    3
Andy Baker    2
Jay H 237    2
KarenH    2
Schnabel    2
Elgin Clock    1
MoeMom    1

And the picture:

(There was a part of me that was about to go with a kiss-the-pig photo, but I decided it might be too soon.)

As always, the deadline is theoretically kinda sorta not really Saturday at midnight Eastern.


a robot that i dont own, and could potentially beat me in later matches, better be graciously careful

"Maybe it’ll work better if I get some help…

Hey, Rhode Warriors! Can I borrow your robot? I need to move a robot here!"

the most fearsome (yet gracious) thing i’ve ever seen they will be unstopable

The moment it was announced that Grant would be driving, everyone in the stadium fled in a panic:ahh::eek: , leaving the seats eerily empty…

[npoe]Oooh, a tie! Again![/npoe]

“Wait… which way is front?”

Whoa! Man, I got to get me one of these!

Grant has been in so many publications, he no longer poses for the camera. Here we had to be satisfied with a shot of the back of his head.

Attention K-Mart shoppers: Blue Light Special in Aisle 4 on Tumbleweeds. Get them while they last.

Uh-oh…the Robowranglers are going to kill me…I think I see blue Smoke!!!. . . . Oh wait, thats just the reflection of the light…crud.

Grant: “When I push the joystick forward the robot goes backwards.”
John: That’s ok. It just means you are right brain dominant. A left brain dominant driver would see the robot going in the right direction. We just have to hang you upside-down.
Grant gets picked up and turned over. He pushes the stick forward
Grant: “That’s much better but now I’m getting dizzy.”

“I am JVN.”

Grant, prior to driving: “Me? Drive? Little circle thing? No problem.”

Grant, after driving: “WHOA. I have a whole new opinion on circles. Sorry guys, I’ll stick to driving rectangles and squares. At least you know which way is forward.”

Grant - So what happens if I push this button?
JVN - NO!!
Tumbleweed transforms into red and black Half-Track
Grant - Oh…

The name “Tumbleweed” was developed when, immediatly after this picture, Grant glanced 1983’s robot, causing tumbleweed to tip, roll, and bounce around the field. Other potential names included superball, rubberbot, and Mars rover EDL 2.0

A married couple attends the championship event:

Wife: These seats are horrible!
Husband: Hey, you’re the one who wanted to get a close view of the action!
Wife: Yes, but not like this! Half our view is obstructed by the driver, and this blue light is getting in my eyes!
Husband: screaming What will it take for me to satisfy you these days?!
Wife: also screaming Well, maybe if you could clean the house once in a while, then I’d–
Husband: still screaming Oh, there you go again with the house! Do you know how many hours I have to put in every week at work?!

continues arguing for three days straight

After drinking from the font of knowledge that is Vielkind-N, <yoda voice> “Know not where the front is, do you?”</yoda voice>, Grant instigates the first 7 bot pile-up in FIRST history. (Poor placement of the queueing filler line was certainly a contribuitng factor.)

Heard from peanut gallery, “Gee, Force it why don’t you.”

Grant was tired of waiting for Billfred to score the latest caption contest, so he found something better to do.

Guys, I’ve got the robot! Now if only I can find which way is forward on this thing, I could drive it out of here and make a clean heist…

<NPOE> Billfred, did you purposefully make Caption contest #thunder chickens have a thunder chicken in it?

(Maybe I’m just slow…)<NPOE>

Me? Do that? Never!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

Honorable mentions go to:

  1. Don Rotolo
  2. GaryVoshol
  3. boiler
  4. Wayne Doenges
  5. lingomaniac88
  6. Barry Bonzack
  7. rocketperson44
  8. tim_reiher

And the burn award goes to:

(Hey, it is still Sunday…)

Which means the scores are:

EricH    36
Don Rotolo    28
rocketperson44    24
Travis Hoffman    24
kramarczyk    22
Al Skierkiewicz    18
acdcfan259    18
lingomaniac88    18
InfernoX14    17
GaryVoshol    17
JaneYoung    16
boiler    16
Wayne Doenges    15
Karibou    13
KathieK    12
Lions for First    12
FoXy92    11
EricS-Team180    8
Rich Wong    7
SlaminSwimster    6
tim_reiher    6
Water Bandit23    6
rtfgnow    4
BlondeNerd    3
Greg Needel    3
"Big Mike"    3
Andy Baker    2
Jay H 237    2
KarenH    2
Schnabel    2
Barry Bonzack    2
Elgin Clock    1
MoeMom    1