CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #22

(sorry, it was the only intro I could think of)

Here are the scores:

  MissInformation	63
  Greencactus3	54
  Gary Dillard	51
  T. Hoffman	46
  Dlavery	42
  Michelle 236	41
  JVN	40
  Dorienne Plait	35
  DCA Fan	34
  Greg Needel	34
  "Big Mike"	33
  Elgin Clock	33
  GateRunner	31
  EddieMcD	30
  Andy Baker	25
  Jay H 237	25
  Jeff Waegelin	25
  Bcahn836	23
  Amanda Morrison	22
  Rich Wong	22
  JosephM	19
  Eugenia Gabrielov	18
  Mike Ciance	18
  Brandon Martus	17
  Lil' Lavery	15
  Matt Attallah	14
  Astronouth7303	13
  Tkwetzel	11
  Tom Schindler	10
  Wetzel	10
  Shyra1353	9
  Jessica Boucher	8
  Aignam	7
  DanielBCR	7
  Jack Jones	7
  Kyle45	7
  VGMasterShadow	7
  Vivelation	7
  ZACH P.	6
  RogerR	5
  Corey Balint	4
  CourtneyB	4
  George1083	4
  Ken Patton	4
  Meli W.	4
  Andrew Rudolph	3
  Ben Lauer	3
  David Kelly	3
  Squirrelrock	3
  Denman	2
  DJ Fluck	2
  Ecarlson	2
  Jake177	2
  Jeff_Rice	2
  Joe Ross	2
  Karinka13	2
  Tom Bottiglieri	2
  Aaron Lussier	1
  Bill Gold	1
  Coco The Monkey	1
  Collin Fultz	1
  DanielBCR	1
  ElfMaster	1
  JakeGallagher	1
  Katie Reynolds	1
  Sanddrag	1

(Remember, if I’m wrong, IM me/PM me/send smoke signals.)

And the picture…

Until Friday at 9:00…

I wonder if this is what Dean’s statue is going to look like?

“It’s a segway!”
“It’s denim!”

Showing up Dave from the Chopper bike - Dean is wearing his Helmet…

“We start it simple, but it always ends up as being complex”

Could this be the next game hint?

What a dork! Wearing a helmet while riding a Segway?

[Dean speaking]

“Keep the camera as close to the ground as possible. That way it will seem like I’m going faster than I really am!”

“You know, if you shoot from this angle, I look about four feet taller than I am. Just make sure Brandon Martus isn’t nearby.”

Dean Kamen: alright all the street racers out there, i am ready…

Safety Dance!

Ant #1: I don’t know if this is such a good idea.
Ant #2: What do you mean? It’s a great idea… now you sneak up on his right and bite his ankle and I’ll sneak up on his left and push… and then the Segway is ours… MUAHAAHAAHAAHAA!

NBC NYC Broadcast on Nov. 25, 2004:

Matt: “Katie, this must be one of the new balloons for this year!”

Katie: “Yes Matt, it’s a brand new entry and the first self-propelled giant balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. This entry is sponsored by DEKA Research and it is simply called SEGWAY. This balloon stands 92 feet high and 22 feet wide and requires NO balloon handlers! The self-propelled mechanism is also created by DEKA Research.”

Matt: “I bet all the balloons will use that self-propelled DEKA balloon controller next year! … BTW…… What is the size of those jeans?”

<Gunner>Pull up… PULL UP!! Agh, no, we’re going to hit the SEG-WAY!
<sound effects> Yeeeroownn </sound effects>
<Pilot>Whew, that was close.
<Gunner> Hey, maybe if we rope Dean’s legs to the SEG-WAY, then we could pull it over.
Star Wars-style snowspeeder from Hoth proceeds to try to pull down the SEGWAY like its an AT-AT

NEW Giant 500 Foot Segway Now At Brookstone For $2,000,000
NOTE- 1,000 foot Dean Kamen NOT Included

evil laugh Muahahahahaha evil laugh

Inventor Dean Kamen, seen here arriving at the set of “Pimp My Ride” to have his Segway overhauled, shortly before he is kidnapped by the cast from “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” who threw out his denim outfit and safety helmet and forced him into a tuxedo.

Look out! Dean Kamen is attacking the City! Run for your lives! Followed by several seconds of poor lip-syncing

Segway: $4000
Denim Outfit: $50
Helmet: $20
Years of research: $ Millions

Flipping over presidents anyways: Priceless.

There are somethings money can buy. For everything else, there’s Dean Kamen and FIRST.

Choosing to find a more wholesome alternative to the recent Fashion Entreprenuership of many figures in the pop culture scene, Dean Kamen releases his own outdoor fashion line, segway included for easy transport and campaign.