CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #221

I’m pretty sure this one will work.

Here are the scores after the last round:

EricH    49
rocketperson44    37
Don Rotolo    34
Travis Hoffman    32
kramarczyk    30
lingomaniac88    25
Al Skierkiewicz    24
EricS-Team180    24
JaneYoung    24
boiler    22
GaryVoshol    22
Wayne Doenges    21
acdcfan259    19
InfernoX14    17
Karibou    17
Lions for First    15
KathieK    12
FoXy92    11
SlaminSwimster    9
rtfgnow    9
Rich Wong    8
Water Bandit23    8
tim_reiher    7
lilstogi11    4
"Big Mike"    4
Barry Bonzack    3
BlondeNerd    3
Greg Needel    3
Elgin Clock    3
Andy Baker    2
Hachiban VIII    2
Jay H 237    2
KarenH    2
Katie_UPS    2
Schnabel    2
cobrawanabe1699    1
MoeMom    1
skimoose    1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is kinda sorta Saturday at midnight.


Dave Lavery: THAT’S NOT PIMP!!!

Andy Baker: Yeah, Kyle, taking items that have touched me and wearing them is NOT the way to increase your “coolness” rating! Let alone the safety factor.

Kyle: But, but…

Andy: No buts, give them back and get back to work making that ball drive practical!

When you combine Micheal Jackson and Hannah Montanna you will both attract and repel teenage boys.

Kyle: ok guys, come on now…
what is the big hairy deal about me wearing Baker’s hair, anyway? It’s not like he looks any better in it.


Woody Flowers’ HS senior picture

Some programmers take great pride in the fact that they will never work in the shop, and do not have to tie their long hair back.

(Acts as Golem from LOTR) Master Baker musn’t reach the golden bearing. Master doesn’t understand the precious. …goes in corner Hehehe, this thing is so spinny and shiney,:yikes: exactly why that Baker would want it! * runs and hides*

eh, not my best work, ill admit.

The best the Hoosier State has to offer - #50 in the rankings, #1 in your heart - It’s your Miss Teen Indiana 2008!

I bet he’s wondering why he’s all by himself.

Kyle- Hehehehe, I’m the Count!!! Let’s count robots: 1, 2, 3…

Andy B.- Kyle, you’re *not *the Count. Take my wig off; now I’m going to have to get a new one.
Kyle- But its shiney…
Andy B.- NOW!!!

“What do you mean, this is my game face!”

Ignore ^

“What do you mean? This is my happy face”

“So you think you can compete against us in DC? I’ll get you my pretty, and your little Dawgma too!”

Today’s Question: How Is A Robotics Addict and A Rock Star Alike?
A: both suffer anxiety and paranoia when their drug of choice is taken away.

Kyle Love, before the surgery.

Student 1: OMG!!! IZ THAT BRITNEY!?!!

Student 2: No, it’s just Kyle Love.

Student 1: frowns Oh. Dang. He looked just like Britney with the hair…

Student 2: shivers Eek.

(I’m still rusty with these things. Kyle, I love you!)

“Hey, pipe down over there, can’t a person get some sleep for crying out loud!?”

(check out the MP3)

This is what Billfred looks like on the way to his morning shower.

(obviously not an entry)

That’s being charitable. :wink:

Geez, Baker, this things smells… don’t you ever wash this outfit?