CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #223

This one’s gonna get xtreme.

Here are the scores after the last round:

EricH    51
rocketperson44    38
Travis Hoffman    37
Don Rotolo    36
kramarczyk    32
Wayne Doenges    32
JaneYoung    28
lingomaniac88    27
Al Skierkiewicz    26
rtfgnow    25
boiler    25
EricS-Team180    24
GaryVoshol    23
SlaminSwimster    21
Karibou    20
acdcfan259    19
InfernoX14    17
Lions for First    15
KathieK    12
FoXy92    11
Water Bandit23    10
Rich Wong    8
tim_reiher    7
Andy Baker    5
lilstogi11    5
"Big Mike"    4
Barry Bonzack    3
BlondeNerd    3
Greg Needel    3
Elgin Clock    3
Hachiban VIII    2
Jay H 237    2
KarenH    2
Katie_UPS    2
Schnabel    2
cobrawanabe1699    2
Dorienne    1
MoeMom    1
skimoose    1
Protronie    1

And this week’s picture:

As always, the deadline is theoretically Saturday at midnight Eastern.


“Wow, this holographic aquarium is great! I can see all the fish just like they were real!”

“They ARE real. You just spent too much time in the pits tossing ideas around.”

“No way! I want one of these for my room!”

The eventual home of CNN’s “Magic Wall”](, after they realize that, post-election, it has no purpose.

“They normally display red herrings in this tank, but that crazy Dave Lavery guy broke in and stole them all.”

I gotta get a big screen TV like this one…They look so real!

The Mars team sees the first water from earth after being brought here by Dave and NASA, next a trip to the landfill to see how we ruined their new planet.

…and here is where we are breeding the 2009 FRC game pieces. They are specially bred to be able to swim in a proprietary jello formula that was developed on the international space station.

Here we see incontrovertible evidence there is life on M.A.R.S.

“Speaking of which… when WILL we get that water game?”

Billfred, is this (living) proof of 2009’s water game?

<npoe>Yes, as much as it may not seem like it, that IS my entry</npoe>

Dave said he put the clue in this tank. Nope not that one, or that one or tha…

Student in the blue hoodie: “The sign says DO NOT touch the electrostatic forcefield.”
Student in black touches the forcefield
Team MARS was unable to compete the next year, as the lawsuit wiped them out :frowning:

Student: This is the moment where we teach a man from Mars how to fish, isn’t it?

Mentor: Yes, the planets have aligned. Let’s fin-ish this lesson without alien-ating the whole school. We don’t want to tip the scales in their favor or it’s water over the bridge, er, tank.

Hey! Is this glass supposed to be wet?!? That one with the red stripe just stuck his tongue out at me!

and I thought dave was kidding when he said water game…

“1, 2, 3, … 17, 18, … 33, 34, … uh, dang, where was I? There’s no way we can verify the new vision system by counting these things.”

Why does the fish seem blue? And why is it saying 1 Georgia Dome Drive Atlanta, Georgia? Why did I watch Finding Nemo in the hotel last night?

“I think that fish just winked at me…”

The 2008 Championship Team Dinner & Social event was held at the aquarium…

Voice: "May I take the next order?”

MARS Team member, “I want these two fried with a side order of chips and a green salad please.”

Voice: “Your order # is 1523, next person on line.”

The snozberries really feel like snozberries…