CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #227

This one’s prime.

Here are the scores after the last round:

EricH    62
boiler    50
kramarczyk    48
rocketperson44    48
Travis Hoffman    44
Don Rotolo    42
Wayne Doenges    38
lingomaniac88    34
JaneYoung    33
Al Skierkiewicz    31
GaryVoshol    30
rtfgnow    20
EricS-Team180    28
SlaminSwimster    25
Karibou    24
acdcfan259    19
InfernoX14    17
Lions for First    15
FoXy92    12
KathieK    12
Rich Wong    11
Michelle Celio    10
Steve W    10
Water Bandit23    10
tim_reiher    7
Andy Baker    5
lilstogi11    5
Barry Bonzack    4
"Big Mike"    4
BlondeNerd    3
Greg Needel    3
Annette B.    3
Elgin Clock    3
Hachiban VIII    2
Jay H 237    2
KarenH    2
Katie_UPS    2
Schnabel    2
ZakuAce    2
cobrawanabe1699    2
FlyingCrayons    2
Cuog    1
Dorienne    1
Kyle    1
MoeMom    1
Protronie    1
skimoose    1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is theoretically Saturday at midnight Eastern.


No, I can’t help you, the red hearings antidote has been bought out by Chief Delphians.

Coming soon to a theater near you:
The Blair Witch Project: FIRST Edition!

Kressly taking a photo of his clone:

Man, something has gone wrong with this cloning process -

  • where’s the smile?
  • where’s the friendly welcome?
  • where’s the ‘cool factor’?

and for heaven’s sake,
what’s up with the hair!?

Kress clone: Namasté, Rich.

Rich forgets one vital aspect in his preparations for a *FIRST *event. It’s not just the headset, but the headset and the clipboard that gives volunteers their authority. Forget one or the other, and there will only be trouble.

“This is not the mentor you are looking for. The dude with a headset is free to go. There is nothing to see here.”

Later: “Psst, Jess! You want to do a little dirty work? Yeah, that one, with the camera.”

Heidi: “Ouch! Dave, you’ll pay for this!”

Wait, I see Dave and Woodie and Dean and Andy and …and…Billfred???

What started as a great vision turned into a nightmare.

No, Mrs. Grady, I won’t get off of your field. Aaaaaah… not the clipboard!!!


(Photographer): So, Mr. Kressly, I heard you do an impression of Sean Penn?


"I can’t take all the credit for this one, unlike the last four, the team was there to hand me tools "

In 2020, when FIRST has completely replaced football, famous mentors are hounded by paparazzi

“hey kid you’re gonna look great in this shot!” now, ya think you can grab a track-ball like 1114?"

New feature of the 2009 control system: The camera can be programmed to capture images of the camera-shy. Rich has realized his team’s plot just too late.

“Wait, you want me to make a face for the camera? Well, this is how I always look. Give me a few seconds to try and look normal, will ya…”

I just realized that my computer is an hour behind so even though my computer says midnight on the dot, it is in fact 1am.
nice picture =)

[not entry] I seem to remember that there was a ruling a while back that it’s 12 midnight on Saturday, or whenever Billfred gets around to judging the contest, whichever is later. You might have a shot… [edit] Couldn’t find it, but it’s still tradition. If Billfred hasn’t judged the contest, any late entries are fair game to be judged.[/not entry]

Mr. Kressly: “You take on more picture of me and you will regret it.”
Mr. Kressly grabs camera and tosses it amongst a group of robots.
Robots go nuts trying to take each others picture.

Kressly talking in a calm-sounding voice: “I’m sorry, I never gave you permission to take that picture. According to rule <C502>, you’re not allowed to publish that picture because I never gave you permission to.”
Ira: “Oh, ok, I’m sorr–Wait, what rule?”
Kressly snatches the camera and runs away, yelling “MY RULE!” over his shoulder

“Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, Baker’s (the) man, bake me a cake as fast as you can…”
(Mr. Kressly has finally recognized that FIRST Robots can be as intelligent as young children, and interacts accordingly).

[NPOE] If your post hits before Billfred judges, it’s legit and scored.[/NPOE]


No,** not more changes for 2009!!!**

Don’t take away my CIM’s!!! Leave the bot footprint alone!!!

Ahhh… I’m melting, melting… melting… oh, what a world… I’m melting… OOOOOoooooo…