CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #232

New FRC sponsor Marx wanted a tie-in with their product, so here we see human players for the 2009 game, Rock’m Soc’m Robots. (The third alliance HP is off fishing.)

The trackball got stuck in the chimney of Dave’s house. Apparently Mission-Fill-Dave’s-House-With-Useless-Hints-Of-Who-Hates-His-Useless-Hints did not go over well. Here we see his nephews interrogating it as to who committed the foul deed.

Santa: Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! I come bearing gifts!
Kids: Yay!
(The kids open the gift, only to see that it’s the third game hint.)
Kids: Wait a minute… you’re not Santa! You’re Dave Lavery! GET HIM!
(They attack Dave.)
Dave: Darn it, I knew I shouldn’t have used the trackball as the fake stomach…

They fit in the box, they passed inspection, they even have colored bumpers. They just don’t have the concept of hurdling quite right

The Oompa-loompas prepare to juice the biggest snozzberry they’ve ever seen.

“What shall we do?”, said Thing 1 to Thing 2

Kid 1-“giant red ball! Prepare for battle!”
Kid 2- " Wait, no no, i think we should build a robot to pick up the ball, and carry it around, and maybe throw it over an overpass!"

Dave Lavery standing in the background- “Hmmmm… that sounds like a great idea for a game! Time to start tormenting the FIRSTers! Hehehehe”

I know I keep hearing that “The first person on Mars is currently between the ages of 6 and 16,” but isn’t this type of training beginning a bit too early?

Boy #1; "What is that thing?’
Boy #2: “I don’t know, but I will fight it while you get away.”
Boy #1: “What do you mean!?!? You’re the weaker one.”
Boy #2: “Am not!”
Boy #1: “Are too!”
Boy #2: “AM NOT!!!”
the two boys begin to scuffle
Red Trackball thinks to self ‘My evil plan is workng’

Off to the side:

Parent one: Thank goodness for FIRST. It keeps those busy minds active.
Parent two: Yup, gives them something to bounce their ideas off of.
Parent three: Not to mention themselves.

Children about to mimic their hero, the trackball surfer, Andy Baker: 3 2 1 - GO!

Future FRCers using virtual joysticks to control large red ball. It seems by their facial expressions that they are well on there way to being consumed by the passion.

Giant Radioactive Rudolph had a hankerin’ for some tasty young children that day…

One of very few recorded incidents of “Bumping to pass,” although I don’t think the GDC ever had trackballs in mind when this rule was written.

The GDC said that they would be involving humans more into the games… just that this isn’t what we were thinking of.

Who are these fellas rooting for?
Is it the Red Alliance?
Is it the Blue Alliance?
No it’s that alliance that always wins!

At a loss of what to give their children that didn’t cost too much, these guys’ parents decided on a used trackball. It was a good idea, it kept them occupied for six weeks out of the year, but the boys started carrying safety glasses every where, had an excess of buttons, and only drank mountain dew.

Kid on the left: “Ok, you go for the left, I’ll go for the right! Together, we might stand a chance at lifting this thing!”
Kid on the right: roars in a deep, un-child-like voice “YYYYYYEAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

The kids quickly obtain the same expression as FIRSTers during build season- “WE WILL NO LET THE TRACK BALL CONQUER US!”

Let’s see if I can do these results without losing the thread a second time!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

Honorable mentions go to:

  1. EricH
  2. Taylor
  3. kramarczyk
  4. Don Rotolo
  5. Wayne Doenges
  6. JaneYoung
  7. Annette B.
  8. BlondeNerd
  9. lingomaniac88

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

EricH    74
Travis Hoffman    67
Taylor    65
kramarczyk    63
rocketperson44    59
Don Rotolo    56
Wayne Doenges    49
GaryVoshol    47
JaneYoung    44
rtfgnow    29
lingomaniac88    39
EricS-Team180    37
Barry Bonzack    35
Al Skierkiewicz    33
Karibou    33
SlaminSwimster    29
acdcfan259    19
InfernoX14    17
Steve W    16
Andy Baker    15
Lions for First    15
FoXy92    12
KathieK    12
Water Bandit23    12
Annette B.    12
Rich Wong    11
Michelle Celio    10
lilstogi11    9
BlondeNerd    8
tim_reiher    7
Diriye    4
"Big Mike"    4
Elgin Clock    4
Greg Needel    3
FlyingCrayons    3
Hachiban VIII    2
Jay H 237    2
Jeff Rodriguez    2
KarenH    2
Katie_UPS    2
Schnabel    2
ZakuAce    2
bobwrit    2
cobrawanabe1699    2
Enigma's puzzle    2
Cuog    1
Dorienne    1
Kyle    1
LittleSwimmer14    1
MoeMom    1
Protronie    1
skimoose    1
whlspacedude    1
Zach Purser    1