CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #234

Done under the red, white, and blue.

Here are the scores after the last round:

EricH    76
Taylor    70
Travis Hoffman    69
rocketperson44    62
Don Rotolo    58
rtfgnow    41
Wayne Doenges    51
GaryVoshol    49
JaneYoung    46
kramarczyk    45
Al Skierkiewicz    43
lingomaniac88    41
Barry Bonzack    37
EricS-Team180    37
Karibou    35
SlaminSwimster    29
acdcfan259    19
InfernoX14    17
Steve W    16
Andy Baker    15
Lions for First    15
Annette B.    14
FoXy92    12
KathieK    12
Water Bandit23    12
Rich Wong    11
Michelle Celio    10
lilstogi11    9
BlondeNerd    8
tim_reiher    7
Diriye    4
"Big Mike"    4
Elgin Clock    4
Greg Needel    3
FlyingCrayons    3
Hachiban VIII    2
Jay H 237    2
Jeff Rodriguez    2
KarenH    2
Katie_UPS    2
Schnabel    2
ZakuAce    2
bobwrit    2
cobrawanabe1699    2
Enigma's puzzle    2
Cuog    1
Dorienne    1
Kyle    1
LittleSwimmer14    1
MoeMom    1
Protronie    1
skimoose    1
whlspacedude    1
Zach Purser    1

And the picture:

As always, the theoretical deadline is Saturday at midnight Eastern.


Lets all give a round of applause to team 234’s robot for trying to rid us of the stupid crocs one by one. Next on the list is [strike]people who think robotics is not a sport and Dave and his red herrings[/strike] Dave and his red herrings and people who think robotics is not a sport.

Ummm…did I miss something? I was just looking looking at the scores, and Mark Kramarczyk’s score went down from 63 to 45 * is confused*[/npoe]

Right you are–it seems like something might’ve gotten wonky in the spreadsheet. I’ll investigate.

Edit: It looks like I punched in 2 where I meant to enter 12. Mark’s proper score is 65, which puts him right below Travis–it’ll be reflected in the new scores at the end of this round.

In today’s ailing economy, Americans are trying to scam the government for money in many new ways. For example, this person is pretending to be assaulted by a robot in order to get disability benefits.

Following Brant becoming permanently lodged in the ball intake, the “Software problem Vs. Hardware problem” debacle was taken to new levels, as a great debate ensued about which was at fault, the fact that autonomous had malfunctioned, or the fact that the robot was permitted to exist outside of the computer.

I don’t know which is the bigger tragedy: Cyber Blue eating Brant, or PhyXTGears looking on and doing nothing to prevent it.

Programmer: I don’t know what went wrong. I didn’t change a thing on the program. … Oh, you mean after installing the CRio we have to reprogram? Why didn’t anyone tell me!

Taking the threat of a water game seriously, Team 234’s lead engineer is shown teaching their robot to swim…

Well it looks like the 1720 team is on the ropes. 234 has him by the leg and is pulling him away from his teammate. Unless there is a miracle, he won’t be able to tag his robot to come in and help. Who ever thought up robot tag team wrestiling was a genius! This is great, call the networks, we have a new show for next season.

Team 234’s programmers, after hearing “It’s the programmers fault” excuse for any little robot failure, decided to get even.
Here we see one of their mechanical students in the clutches of the robot. However the student got loose when he gnawed off his own foot.

Its a small step from here to the robot wars.

Crikey! She’s got my leg!

Brant: “No! Bad robot! I said to go after the grandma so we could blame it on a reindeer!”

This year, Brant is teaching the robot how to identify fish, in hopes that Dave’s game hint is *actually *applicable to the game.

In order to embrace the new year and a new robot, Brant must first let go of old grudges. It might be hard to let this one go.

Yet another candidate proving why everyone needs Old Glory Robot Insurance.

A few seconds later, this unfortunate team member goes flying through the upper goal. Luckily, everyone involved was, in fact, wearing safety glasses

[npoe] I can’t believe nobody’s done this yet [/npoe]


This is what you get when you push a robot to the extreme and then ship them in dark boxes for weeks on end