CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #24

FACT: If you were to shrink all of the caption contests down to one hour each…you would be up for a whole day. And that would be a serious case of insomnia.

Either way, here are the scores…

  MissInformation	70
  T. Hoffman	58
  Greencactus3	58
  Gary Dillard	56
  Dlavery	46
  Michelle 236	41
  JVN	41
  Dorienne Plait	38
  DCA Fan	37
  Andy Baker	35
  GateRunner	35
  Greg Needel	34
  Elgin Clock	33
  "Big Mike"	33
  EddieMcD	31
  Amanda Morrison	29
  Jay H 237	29
  Bcahn836	26
  Jeff Waegelin	25
  Rich Wong	24
  JosephM	20
  Eugenia Gabrielov	19
  Mike Ciance	18
  Brandon Martus	17
  Matt Attallah	17
  Lil' Lavery	15
  Tkwetzel	14
  Astronouth7303	13
  Shyra1353	12
  Wetzel	10
  Tom Schindler	10
  VGMasterShadow	9
  Kyle45	9
  Jessica Boucher	8
  DanielBCR	8
  Aignam	7
  Jack Jones	7
  Vivelation	7
  George1083	6
  Squirrelrock	6
  ZACH P.	6
  RogerR	5
  Meli W.	5
  Arefin Bari	4
  Ken Patton	4
  Corey Balint	4
  CourtneyB	4
  David Kelly	3
  Andrew Rudolph	3
  Ben Lauer	3
  Denman	2
  DJ Fluck	2
  Ecarlson	2
  Jake177	2
  Jeff_Rice	2
  Joe Ross	2
  Karinka13	2
  Tom Bottiglieri	2
  Aaron Lussier	1
  Bill Gold	1
  Coco The Monkey	1
  Collin Fultz	1
  DanielBCR	1
  ElfMaster	1
  JakeGallagher	1
  Katie Reynolds	1
  Lisa Perez	1
  MATT_kaplan108	1
  Sanddrag	1
  Yan Wang	1

And the picture…

Until Friday at 9:00…

When the fashon police came to Tytus he gave up the gig right away…

I’m sure all of the young people won’t get this, but oh well …

Da na na na nin na na naah…
Da na na na nin na na…
Da na na na nin na na naah…
Da na na na nin na na…

Wa na na naaaaaaaaaaa nah…
Wa na na naaaaaaaaaaa nah…
Wa na na naaaaaaaaaaa nah…
Ni ni ni ni ni ni ni nuh…


All he needs is the shoes…


Tytus Mini-Me: in a high voice Raise the roof! Raise the roof y’all!
Arefin: shakes head in dismay Oh man…leaves with a hat low over his face

i guess he got caught doing the chicken dance too.

"* Ha Ha Ha Ha, Ho Ho Ho, Ha Ha Ha Ha,
that’s how we laugh the day away in the Merry Ole Land of Oz!
That’s how we laugh the day away with a Ha Ha Ha, Aha Ha Ha
Ha Ha Ha, (hee hee) Ha Ha Ha, Ha Ha Ha, (hee hee) Ha Ha Ha,
In the Merry Ole Land Of Oz!..*

What do you mean I don’t get the part!?"

(Taken from The Wizard of Oz)

raise da roof … uh uh …

cmon … who da maan ??

Tytus decided he needed to get an early start on impressing the girls…

“Oooooh…. LUUUUUUUCY…… hurry… come quickly…. You got to see what our little babalu is doing!”

“hey mom LOOK! I’m JVN!”


Tytus kept his eyes on the fan in the window during his performance. There was just something about it that he couldn’t take his eyes off it. Finally it hit him, fan…air movement…HOVERCRAFT!!!

The scientists failed in their efforts to clone a new Tytus without those crazy white boy genes.

Dressed for his upcoming visit to the neverland ranch Tytus practices his moves for his idol Michael Jackson

And for a tax deductible gift of just $15 a month, you can sponsor a geeky white boy like little Tytus here. Just think, over a year that’s enough to buy a speed controller, 2 muffin fans, a battery pack and some raw materials so he can build his very own hovercraft. That will give him the start he needs so he doesn’t turn out like his twin brother, Vanilla Ice.

“Save the Geeks”. We’re doing it one geek at at time.

Hey, if dave lavery was hired to be an oompa loompa, then why wasn’t I?

(reference to

After a massive investigation, researchers have tracked the outbreak of “Shake-Your-Booty-Pox” all the way back to the original victim of the disease. In this old photograph of Patient Zero, also known as “Mr. Git-down-wit’-yo’-bad-self,” it is easy to spot the early effects of the malady. Initial symptoms include a unique sense of fashion, overwhelming rhythm, and the irrepressible need to shout “Whaaoow!” like James Brown every ten minutes.

“I feeeeel good! Na na na na na na na…”


Citizens of West Palm Beach, be on the lookout for young, hyperactive children who have been running around the city, washing cars, wearing green lipstick, and chasing hovercrafts. Energetic homeless kids have joined a cult group led by a charismatic man who calls himself “Tytus Gerrish”. The community is based in the nearby swamps, and the children venture into the city to raise funds for their leader’s mission to rule the world. The youngster in this picture called himself “mini Tytus”.

Tytus is practicing for the upcoming Willy Wonka sequel, Croutching Oompa, Hidden Loompa.

And here I thought he was just plain crazy. Oh how wrong I was. :smiley:

GO dave GO