CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #242

Here goes!

The scores after the last round:

EricH	96
rocketperson44	89
Travis Hoffman	84
Taylor	83
GaryVoshol	80
Don Rotolo	72
kramarczyk	69
Wayne Doenges	69
Karibou	67
JaneYoung	64
Al Skierkiewicz	58
lingomaniac88	58
Barry Bonzack	40
rtfgnow	39
EricS-Team180	37
SlaminSwimster	32
Anna B.	22
AndyB	20
acdcfan259	19
InfernoX14	17
Steve W	17
Andy Baker	15
Lions for First	15
Schnabel	14
Rich Wong	13
Water Bandit23	13
FoXy92	12
KathieK	12
Akash Rastogi	11
Michelle Celio	10
BlondeNerd	10
tim_reiher	10
Elgin Clock	9
dodar	7
Enigma's puzzle	7
bobwrit	6
George1902	5
Diriye	4
RMiller	4
typharn91	4
"Big Mike"	4
Greg Needel	3
taylort	3
ZakuAce	3
cobrawanabe1699	3
FlyingCrayons	3
Hachiban VIII	2
James1902	2
Jay H 237	2
Jeff Rodriguez	2
KarenH	2
Katie_UPS	2
The Pre	2
andrew348	2
LittleSwimmer14	2
Chief Pride	1
Cuog	1
Dorienne	1
Kyle	1
Libby K	1
MoeMom	1
Protronie	1
Raumiester2010	1
skimoose	1
whlspacedude	1
Zach Purser	1
Zyik	1

And the picture:
(Not inspired by my current television viewing, I swear.)

As always, the deadline is theoretically Saturday at midnight Eastern.


Oscar: I am the KING! I hate this! Why do I have to rule all the robots?

Random member of another team: Don’t worry Oscar. You lost the title to the Simbotics.

Oscar: So what do I have to grouch about? Simbotics taking a crown I hated?

Other random team member: How about Billfred putting you in a Caption Contest?

Oscar: Oh, no. Not again. Not some other clown taking a picture and making fun of me. I can’t stand that…

Note to the reader: Oscar doesn’t seem to be his normal grouchy self. Could GP have anything to do with that?

You are all nerds, and I am your king!

I told PBS I wanted to “travel the world” once I retired from Sesame Street, and THIS is how they repay me, by sticking my house on top of this triflin’ robot! Dang thing don’t do nothin’ but go in circles anyway! Thanks for nothing, “Viewers Like You”, whoever you cheap jokers are!

All praise the profit of first …oscar!!!


“Can’t a person get a little peace and quiet around here?!? Sheesh! Now that I think about it, yelling is pretty cool. You want to stick around and see what happens, Slimy?”

heh, heh -

That’s very clever of you, Billfred, Oscar captions on Oscar night.

heh, heh -


832’s misguided attempt at gaining ‘Street Cred’

Believe it or not, Paul Copioli was actually having a good hair day.

HEY!?!? This isn’t Sesame Street. WHO MOVED MY GARBAGE CAN?

Let’s got back and do it again! (reference Sesame Christmas special I watched when I was 6 y/o)

Oh this mirror is so helpful for counting the lines, theres one, two, three, OUCH who hit my mirror, I’m gonna hurt them.

Big Bird whispers to him

What do you mean they invaded the moon? Thats where my worm is!

[npoe]Bill when I read about your TV watching, I thought you where using one of 1114’s pics of the set of Degrassi.[/npoe]

looks around
“Okay, let me try that again”
returns to the depths of his trash can

[npoe]heh. Oscar. I get it. [/npoe]
Oscar complains about getting a <G14> super-cell reduction, but is handed a yellow card for <G43>

Fuzzy mascots will be in big demand this year, to polish up the Regolith between rounds.

This is what happens when you actually ship students in the crate with the robot to save on a plane ticket.

Next time, wash the garbage can first.

832 originally planned to use Big Bird for their mascot, but following some hurdling practice before ship the parents insisted that they make a change. While talking to the upset students the lead mentor was overheard saying, “Hey, it’s nothing to lose your head over.”

Pit Announcement Team 832 is in need of shears, and a large amount of soap.

Oscar: Why did I even wake up today?

Oscar: “And one! And two! And three! And four! Three more reps, everyone!”
Oscar’s exercise video was a huge success. He really got the crowd out of their seats.