CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #246

This caption contest might’ve been posted sooner…if my laptop were overclocked.

Here are the scores after the last round:

Taylor	105
EricH	103
Travis Hoffman	100
rocketperson44	97
GaryVoshol	91
Don Rotolo	87
JaneYoung	79
Wayne Doenges	77
kramarczyk	75
Karibou	70
Al Skierkiewicz	61
lingomaniac88	60
rtfgnow	46
Barry Bonzack	44
EricS-Team180	37
SlaminSwimster	32
AndyB	30
Steve W	24
Anna B.	23
acdcfan259	21
InfernoX14	19
Andy Baker	15
Lions for First	15
Schnabel	14
Rich Wong	14
Water Bandit23	13
FoXy92	12
KathieK	12
Akash Rastogi	12
dodar	11
Michelle Celio	10
BlondeNerd	10
tim_reiher	10
typharn91	9
Elgin Clock	9
Enigma's puzzle	8
bobwrit	8
RMiller	6
George1902	5
Diriye	4
"Big Mike"	4
Greg Needel	3
taylort	3
ZakuAce	3
cobrawanabe1699	3
FlyingCrayons	3
Dan Swando	2
Hachiban VIII	2
James1902	2
Jay H 237	2
Jeff Rodriguez	2
KarenH	2
Katie_UPS	2
The Pre	2
andrew348	2
basicxman	2
GillSt.Bernards	2
LittleSwimmer14	2
Raumiester2010	2
Alex Cormier	1
Chief Pride	1
Cuog	1
Dorienne	1
Ioski	1
Kyle	1
Libby K	1
MoeMom	1
Protronie	1
Richard	1
Rick TYler	1
skimoose	1
whlspacedude	1
Zach Purser	1
Zyik	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is theoretically Saturday at midnight Eastern. And, since I’ll be at Palmetto this week, I’ll accept entries (preferably written ones) in person.


“Sir! Reporting for duty, Sir!”

Spam students report to superhero boot camp.

All hail the mighty Spam Emperor! “Sir what is today’s assignment?”

“Find less nerdy poses.”

Apperently SPAM’s trying to scare the opposing alliance… it’s not working.

:ahh: NO CAPES?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

It’s a bird!
It’s a plane!
It’s Super-SPAM!

…no, wait…it’s a bird. :o

[NPOE]…walk like an e-gyp-tian…[NPOE]

Oh what fun their children will have when they find this pic in 30 years…

student without mask:Oh, no they know my secret identity.
other students: Finally, an excuse to get rid of him.

[npoe]I think its facepaint, but oh well[/npoe]

One of these three is not like the others. Can you spot who it is? I knew you could :smiley:

So that’s where Usain Boltgot the idea for his iconic pose.

next thing you know their gonna start flying down from the rafters…butonly if they wear their capes cause thats were there aweosmeness powers come form
[npoe]how cool would that be… the sad thing is we thought about doing that [/npoe]

News Flash from somewhere in Florida:

So impressed by Spam’s freestanding submission to the game element design competition for a future water game, the deciding committee asked them to remain in place to act as the medal rack for an awards ceremony. The emotions of being the first human water fountain in FIRST history completely swamped the trio, sending them floating (even without the capes) into the wild blue yonder, never to be seen again. Their stand-ins for the water fountain ended up being a bunch of silly flying pigs that kept exploding on impact. What started out as a great submission ended up taking a dive, forcing the committee to krunch the numbers until they were in the pink again, thinking – we’ve been spammed.

Reporter: - and now - more news regarding the latest shark attack as witnessed by some folks claiming they are from Mars… sigh I think I need a vacation.

Always ready for the ninja attack. Thats right we are super spammers.

Head ref: ummmm sorry guys but its not opposite day… your robot wont be able to drive you around…
Spam Man #1: Thats okay we were violating a G02 any way.

2005 game doc

SPAM tries to form a human tetra, but missed.

That tetra came from over there! No it didn’t it came from over there! No you are both wrong, it came from over there! Hey, I heard there was a team from outside of Chicago that made it look like it was raining tetras. Maybe they are here!

spammer on far right: “Not to self, next time… paint face”

This drive team has figured out the game hint, and is Aiming High. However, they lack a compass, and are in disagreement as to the direction to Montana’s Green Heights.

To protect the youth from devestation!
To unite all nerds, within our nation!
To announce to greatness of math and games!
To extend our reach to the minds and fames**!
Team Spam, shift off at the speed of light!
In-no-vate now, or prepare to fight!

meOWTH that’s right!

[npoe]crosses fingers and hopes that Billfred watched Pokemon at some point in his life

**‘fames’=congresspeople and cool government officials…doing Dean’s homework!?
Yeah. I just needed an explanation for that horrible rhyme…[/npoe]

From the production Spamalot, we have found Sir Robin, the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Sir-Lancelot: A cowardly knight well-versed in the world of musical theatre, Sir Dennis Galahad, The Dashingly Handsome: Formerly Dennis Galahad, a politically active peasant, Sir Bedevere, The Strangely Flatulent: A wise but smelly knight, and Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Show: That pretty much sums it up. Dressed as Don Quixote.