CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #253

Here goes!

The scores after the last round:

Taylor	126
Travis Hoffman	121
rocketperson44	120
EricH	116
Don Rotolo	113
GaryVoshol	107
JaneYoung	100
Karibou	87
Wayne Doenges	85
kramarczyk	84
lingomaniac88	74
Al Skierkiewicz	71
rtfgnow	57
Barry Bonzack	53
AndyB	44
EricS-Team180	37
SlaminSwimster	32
Steve W	31
Anna B.	27
Akash Rastogi	22
acdcfan259	21
InfernoX14	19
Rich Wong	18
dodar	18
Andy Baker	17
typharn91	16
Lions for First	15
bobwrit	15
Schnabel	14
Jeff Rodriguez	13
Water Bandit23	13
FoXy92	12
KathieK	12
Enigma's puzzle	12
Michelle Celio	10
BlondeNerd	10
tim_reiher	10
Elgin Clock	9
boomergeek	8
Dan Swando	8
RMiller	8
andrew348	6
George1902	5
Diriye	4
"Big Mike"	4
Tito H.	3
Greg Needel	3
rsisk	3
taylort	3
whlspacedude	3
ZakuAce	3
Alex Cormier	3
cobrawanabe1699	3
FlyingCrayons	3
GillSt.Bernards	3
Hachiban VIII	2
James1902	2
Jay H 237	2
KarenH	2
Katie_UPS	2
NorviewsVeteran	2
The Pre	2
basicxman	2
LittleSwimmer14	2
Raumiester2010	2
Chief Pride	1
Cuog	1
Dave Scheck	1
Dorienne	1
Ioski	1
Kyle	1
Libby K	1
MoeMom	1
mtaman02	1
Protronie	1
Richard	1
Rick TYler	1
skimoose	1
Zach Purser	1
Zyik	1

And the picture:
(Had to do it before y’all decided to start one in the picture thread yourselves!)

As always, the deadline is theoretically kinda sorta not really Saturday at midnight Eastern.



Driver (thinking to herself): A nun? What’s a nun doing on a drive team? And when did the Church allow men to become nuns?

Second driver (thinking to himself): I thought I was on a mission from God!

Libby: Whew, I did that right. Now Sister Andy won’t have to hit me with the ruler.

Wayne: Yeah, but you have to go HERE now, at warp 2!

Libby: I canna’ do that, Wayne!

Sister Andy was less than amused. Especially when he realized that they were trying to drive the forklift in the hangar bay, instead of the robot, because the forklift was “cooler”.

Libby: “Oww, oww. I thought, Great, we’re on an alliance with 45. But that nun - she (?) wields a mean ruler. Just look at my knuckles. And that Mission from Dean thing - talk about taking names in vain!”

Libby: “Wayne, we’re losing! DO SOMETHING!”

Wayne [who, in addition to being a pretty, pretty princess, is secretly a Pokemon master]: I choose YOU, Bakernun! Use Irate Penguin Ruler Attack!"

Bakernun: “Baker Bakerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr NUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!” smacks opposing drive team upside the head

The Midknight Inventors are testing their time machine. As the display shows, they’ve been transported to 1923. While the team is distracted by the sights and sounds of a world nearly a century past, they miss the chance to view Andy Baker’s past life.

Side note: Regarding reincarnation, would AB’s current life be a step above or below that of a nun?

Photographer thought bubble: Is it a bad thing when Libby Kamen and Andy Baker both wear the same look of utter confusion on Galileo when one is branded as famous and the other is well, a nun?

Wayne: Ignore them, Gareth - just drive it like you invented it!

Sister Mary Katherine and her team of teenage inventors pilot their multi seat time travel bus back to the year 1923.

Wayne: “They’ve got us pinned! God help us now!”

<Andy Baker appears>: “GO LEFT!!!”

Libby, glancing from Wayne to Andy and back: “…how did you do that?”

Other Driver: isnt 45 on our alliance?

Libby: omg :frowning:

Wayne: ANDY! what are your drivers doing?

Sister Andy: Those dim-witted drivers started the plan too early!

Team 1923 tried something rather unusual during the elimination matches: using a puppy instead of their robot.

Guy between the two pilots: Sit, boy, sit! Now, fetch the moon rock! Fetch the moon rock! … Good boy!
Puppy: Arf arf!
Libby: Um… why are we using a puppy? Shouldn’t we be using a robot?

No wonder they lost in the quarterfinals.

Baker (shocked): Lord help us, that’s blasphemous…
Kamen (dismayed): What the heck was that?
Penn (shouting): Just for that, you’re going DOWN, v-Neun…
Driver (brillianizing): Wait! I have an idea! (that’s when the red light lit up…)

[NPOE: and here I always thought they were all one person in different costumes]

Glory Glory hallelujah,
Sister Baker hit me with ruler,
Coach Wayne Penn yelled ‘here we go again,’
and team 45 tipped their alliance’s trailer.

30 seconds prior to picture being taken
Libby: “Sister Baker could you give us a little help?”
Andy: “Dear lord if you could help us out I promise not to wear this nun outfit again.”
present time
Wayne: “Look at that!!!”
Libby: “What just happened?!?!”
Wayne: “The moon rocks just seemed to float out of the trailers and rearrange themselves so we got the highest score ever and still won by 2 points.”
Libby: “It’s a miracle.”
With the lord and Andy Baker, on the same team, against you, you can’t win

Wayne: Look over there, in the middle of the field
Driver: …Its a bird…Its a plane
Libby: Its…Can that guy really service a supershifter mid-match? (all that is seen in the picture is Andy’s reflection)

Wayne: Well, if the guy can score in 3 goals at once from 30 feet away, while hurdling, lifting 3 robots, shooting 3 point balls, capping vision tetras, hanging, and knocking over stacks, and making sandwiches, autonomously, I wouldn’t be surprised…

The driver is seriously reconsidering becoming a “science and technology hero” if his face might freeze like one of these.

Get in the habit of listening to Andy Baker.

Libby: Uhhh Wayne…why is the reoglith melting?

Wayne: Because 1923 is on FIYA

Andy: Oh no, oh no…I’m getting out of here!


I find this funny, because Libby’s uncle is kinda THE science and technology hero.

Libby…“Did I just dump in our alliance’s trailer?!?”
Wayne…“I will protect you from the ruler on the knuckles again, if I have to. Just keep playing! Maybe the penguin didn’t notice.”
Andy…“Doesn’t he know the black habit gives super powers? It allows me to see all.”

Libby: “Why is there a pig on the field?”
Wayne: “I don’t know…SCORE ON IT! SCORE ON IT!”
Andy:“Oh no, SUZY QQQQQQQQ!”