CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #258

A well fed AndyB can actually produce a dozen Jaguars in less than a day, ejecting the complete devices through his mouth

And this children is where we produce the Jaguar Electronic Speed Controllers. Do not try this at home, Andy has been trained since birth to produce only the highest quality ESCs.

<not an entry>
Seriously, this is NOT a jab against the Jaguars or their manufacturing process, I just wanna know if this is a violation of any workplace safety rules.
</not an entry>

Andy the speed controller connoisseur tastes his first Jaguar:

“Hmmmm, Full-bodied texture…yet very light and flaky…has a distinct smoky aroma… This product is well-suited for bold risk-takers who like to live dangerously…”


Introducing the FIRST diet: A jaguar for breakfast, one for lunch, and a sensible dinner!

Everybody dreams of becoming a cyborg, but this is ridiculous!

Stumped as to how to fit everything onto his control board, Andy chews on the problem a little.

Uhhh waiter, this Jaguar is burned…I requested it only be fried…:mad:

Andy fell asleep in electronics class and had a dream that his mother made him a big batch of brownies. Andy ate all of them.
When he woke up all of the jaguars, in class, were missing.

I should’a gone to private school.


Cat got your tongue, Andy?

Dictionary of FIRST Idioms - “Put your Speed Controller in your mouth”

Definition- You “Put your Speed Controller in your Mouth” when you say something that makes your veteran team member feel embarrassed in front of the rookies.

Top 3 “Put your Speed Controller in your Mouth”

  1. “Oh, don’t worry about reverse wiring, it will not damage the Jaguar.”
  2. “Voltage? Sure anything from 12v-18v will work with no problem.”
  3. “Don’t worry about ventilation, that is what the fan shield is for.”

See Caption contest photo #258.

No, no, NO! You’ve got it all wrong! Andy is OBVIOUSLY trying to impersonate “Muzzy, the titular furry green extraterrestrial who was jailed for eating parking meters in the town square.*” With no nearby parking meters or clocks, he has been forced to eat Jaguars!

Andy-“M-mmm good”.

(Note: He still has to work on growing the green fuzz. He’s not a Chia-pet; it takes some time.)


Fried Jaguars… yummm… delicious…

And now Andy only runs one way… backward.

How many licks does it take to get to the center, Andy?

There are no great robotics geeks who don’t have a bit of robot mixed in.

Andy using his own method to mark + and - on the Jaguar. However this method is not approved by the Dental Association of America.

It’s still Monday!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

Honorable mentions go to:

  1. Al Skierkiewicz
  2. Barry Bonzack
  3. Don Rotolo
  4. Jared341
  5. AndyB
  6. rsisk
  7. Andrew Schrieber
  8. Taylor
  9. Wayne Doenges
  10. Chris is me
  11. Akash Rastogi

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

Taylor	143
rocketperson44	137
Travis Hoffman	132
Don Rotolo	127
EricH	127
GaryVoshol	119
JaneYoung	118
Wayne Doenges	106
Karibou	102
kramarczyk	96
lingomaniac88	84
Al Skierkiewicz	79
Barry Bonzack	72
rtfgnow	64
AndyB	58
EricS-Team180	37
SlaminSwimster	32
dodar	32
Steve W	32
Anna B.	30
Akash Rastogi	26
Rich Wong	23
acdcfan259	21
InfernoX14	19
bobwrit	19
Andy Baker	17
typharn91	17
Lions for First	15
Schnabel	14
Jeff Rodriguez	14
Water Bandit23	13
FoXy92	12
KathieK	12
rsisk	12
Enigma's puzzle	12
Michelle Celio	11
BlondeNerd	10
tim_reiher	10
Elgin Clock	9
boomergeek	8
Dan Swando	8
RMiller	8
Chris is me	7
andrew348	7
Mr. Pockets	6
George1902	5
Diriye	4
Tito H.	4
"Big Mike"	4
Greg Needel	3
taylort	3
whlspacedude	3
ZakuAce	3
Alex Cormier	3
cobrawanabe1699	3
FlyingCrayons	3
GillSt.Bernards	3
Andrew Schreiber	2
Hachiban VIII	2
James1902	2
Jared341	2
Jay H 237	2
KarenH	2
Katie_UPS	2
NorviewsVeteran	2
Pat McCarthy	2
The Pre	2
basicxman	2
LittleSwimmer14	2
Raumiester2010	2
Rick TYler	2
Bharat Nain	1
Chief Pride	1
Cuog	1
Daniel_LaFleur	1
Dave Scheck	1
Dorienne	1
ExarKun666	1
Ioski	1
Kyle	1
Libby K	1
MoeMom	1
mtaman02	1
Protronie	1
Richard	1
skimoose	1
Zach Purser	1
Zyik	1