CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #259

Almost to the end!

Here are the scores after the last round:

Taylor	143
rocketperson44	137
Travis Hoffman	132
Don Rotolo	127
EricH	127
GaryVoshol	119
JaneYoung	118
Wayne Doenges	106
Karibou	102
kramarczyk	96
lingomaniac88	84
Al Skierkiewicz	79
Barry Bonzack	72
rtfgnow	64
AndyB	58
EricS-Team180	37
SlaminSwimster	32
dodar	32
Steve W	32
Anna B.	30
Akash Rastogi	26
Rich Wong	23
acdcfan259	21
InfernoX14	19
bobwrit	19
Andy Baker	17
typharn91	17
Lions for First	15
Schnabel	14
Jeff Rodriguez	14
Water Bandit23	13
FoXy92	12
KathieK	12
rsisk	12
Enigma's puzzle	12
Michelle Celio	11
BlondeNerd	10
tim_reiher	10
Elgin Clock	9
boomergeek	8
Dan Swando	8
RMiller	8
Chris is me	7
andrew348	7
Mr. Pockets	6
George1902	5
Diriye	4
Tito H.	4
"Big Mike"	4
Greg Needel	3
taylort	3
whlspacedude	3
ZakuAce	3
Alex Cormier	3
cobrawanabe1699	3
FlyingCrayons	3
GillSt.Bernards	3
Andrew Schreiber	2
Hachiban VIII	2
James1902	2
Jared341	2
Jay H 237	2
KarenH	2
Katie_UPS	2
NorviewsVeteran	2
Pat McCarthy	2
The Pre	2
basicxman	2
LittleSwimmer14	2
Raumiester2010	2
Rick TYler	2
Bharat Nain	1
Chief Pride	1
Cuog	1
Daniel_LaFleur	1
Dave Scheck	1
Dorienne	1
ExarKun666	1
Ioski	1
Kyle	1
Libby K	1
MoeMom	1
mtaman02	1
Protronie	1
Richard	1
skimoose	1
Zach Purser	1
Zyik	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is theoretically kinda sorta Saturday at midnight Eastern.


“What does this button do?”
“Oh, that activates the popcorn popper.”
“What about this one?”
“Oh, that? That’s for the can opener.”
“How about this button?”
“That launches the big red ball.”
“And this one?”

It was the FRC Addiction activation button–the warning came too late.

If I run over that car, do I get extra credit?

Billfred, age 4.

Did I just hit that guy?? This years floor was sliperry, don’t blame me.

Driving the robot makes Johnny feel like a kid again.

driver: “Hey! watch where you shooting those things!” (Thinking in his head) Why do I always get paired up with the most immature arm operators?


What happens when 5 year olds get hyped up on A&W…

Good stuff.

Dean’s right - this is at least as much fun as throwing a ball around, and more inspiring.

Woman in corner: Great job, Billfred! Now go take out the other robotics team booth!

Shortly after this pic is taken, a green shirted individual happens to stop by…

“Standing on a chair? Bad posture? NO SAFETY GLASSES??? You demonstrate some of the most heinous safety practices I have ever seen! You fail at life! STEP AWAY FROM THOSE CONTROLS IMMEDIATELY, YOUNG MAN!!!”



Girl in Pink (aka Jessica): If I ever get a chance to run the robot I’ll show this boy how to drive. Maybe if I hit him with a clipboard. Hmmm

Bratty little brother caught smacking his older sister with a robot. Momma told me there would be days like this.

Mom, watching her child’s reaction:

I should get a Robostang business card, looks like we’re going to need it.

Kid in black fleece: Oh Oh Oh, Pass the trackball to me!

This is better than caffeine!

oo! oo! oo! there’s a squirrel! run it over! run it over! RUN IT OVER!!! oops wrong button… sorry mister! :ahh:

Little kid driver: (shoots track ball at popcorn stand) Yeah!!! Again! Again!
Guy at other joystick: No I don’t think that would be a very good…
(Track Ball gets fired into cotton candy machine, knocking it over)
All the other kids: CANDY!!!
Guy at other joystick: Thank god we didn’t let him drive too!

Look Mom!

There’s no grid! How do I steeeeer!!!