CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #264

Here we go!

The scores after the last round:

lingomaniac88	14
Akash Rastogi	[strike]13[/strike] 15 (oops!)
Travis Hoffman	13
Barry Bonzack	9
kramarczyk	9
rocketperson44	8
Karibou	7
GaryVoshol	6
JaneYoung	6
Taylor	6
AndyB	5
Daniel_LaFleur	5
Don Rotolo	5
Matt Attallah	5
rsisk	5
KarenH	4
bobwrit	4
Chris is me	4
dodar	4
EricH	4
Mr. Pockets	4
Steve W	4
Wayne Doenges	4
Al Skierkiewicz	3
Rich Wong	3
rtfgnow	3
RMiller	2
Chief Pride	1
Cynette	1
Katie_UPS	1
Lil' Lavery	1
NorviewsVeteran	1
Stormnnormn	1
youngWilliam14	1

(see my exact spreadsheet here)

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is sorta kinda nominally possibly Saturday at midnight Eastern. I will be at IRI doing scoring, which means two things:

a) You can submit your entry in person if I’m not working (writing it down strongly encouraged), and
b) My ability to judge this week’s contest on Sunday has more variables than usual, including (but not limited to) how late I wake up, wifi availability at the Super 8, where my girlfriend and I pull off for lunch, how exhausted I am when I get back into Columbia that evening some 750 miles later, and the alignment of Dave’s other cars relative to the moon.


Wait, can we have Susy Q as an award? I just love bacon!

OH - MY - GOD!!! A CLIPBOARD!!!:ahh: :ahh: :ahh: :ahh: RUUUUNNN!!!

Not an entry: Billfred, your spreadsheet shows Akash as having 15 (win/HM/BA) yet he is listed as 13 above, second place. Oh, and good luck on the Condo. Ahh, home ownership, I encourage it - because misery loves company…:stuck_out_tongue:

OK, here is the entry for this week:

(To the tune of “sometimes when we touch” by Dan Hill, as sung by Rod Stewart):

And sometimes when we touch
the CIMs they’re hot too much
And I just can’t get that battery to charge.
I gotta drive it 'til it dies
When we win we’ll scream on high
I can’t believe it,
we came in first at I R I

Jubilant celebration ensued among non-winners of the kiss the pig contest.

See kids, listen to your Mama. Your face can freeze like that.

[obviously not an entry]

After I posted the results, it was brought to my attention that the burn award was omitted. I meant to give it to Akash, but I thought I’d already added it to the post and blindly administered a singleton. The number is correct.

As one of those non-winners: You have no idea.

A couple more weeks of practice and they will have the Heimlich procedure nailed.

[npoe]So much for being at the top of the list. Oh well… easy come, easy go.[/npoe]

Last year, the IRI coordinators decided to experiment with a new playing surface: lava. After hearing numerous horrible screams (such as those seen here) and seeing permanent skin damage, they knew that it was the worst idea they ever had.


…from that trackball that was just hurdled…

Wait, Heidi’s not taking a picture?

Did you hear? They’re making another Star Trek movie!

Guy on right: I just found out…IM PREGNANT!

Guy on left: OMG!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Ever had an itch to do something awesome - like scratch someone’s armpit?

Trust me, it’s a big hairy deal.


Cheech and Chong were both ecstatic when they received their bronze participation medals for the three-legged race at the Conjoined Twin Olympics.

(said while crying) “I love you man!!”

After running onto the field to celebrate these two are seen helping each other off after stubbing their toes on a moon rock.

Guy on Right: “Wait a minute. We weren’t entered into the contest.”

“I’ll let go if you’ll let go.”
“You let go first!”
“No you let go first!”
“Say Uncle!”

… and here we have a fine example of why FIRSTers don’t make it on to “Dancing with the stars”