CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #265

Here we go!

The scores after the last round:

kramarczyk	19
Akash Rastogi	16
lingomaniac88	16
Travis Hoffman	15
Barry Bonzack	10
rocketperson44	10
Rich Wong	8
GaryVoshol	8
JaneYoung	8
Karibou	8
Taylor	8
Daniel_LaFleur	7
Matt Attallah	7
dodar	6
Don Rotolo	6
Mr. Pockets	6
rsisk	6
AndyB	5
EricH	5
rtfgnow	5
Steve W	5
Wayne Doenges	5
KarenH	4
bobwrit	4
Chris is me	4
Al Skierkiewicz	3
RMiller	2
Tito H.	2
Cynette	2
Chief Pride	1
Katie_UPS	1
Lil' Lavery	1
NorviewsVeteran	1
Stormnnormn	1
youngWilliam14	1

(spreadsheet here)

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is theoretically Saturday at midnight Eastern.


Luke, join me, and together we can rule the dork side.

Vader: Paaauul, join the Dark Siiiiide.
Copioli: What are you talking about…? This is FIRST.
Vader: Paaaul, don’t be so ignorant. I meant IFIIIIII
Copioli: Wait…JVN…is that you?

Vader: >.>…<.< …Yessss, join me Paaauuulll, come to the Daaark Siiiide
Copioli: Ok ok let’s see here…If I join IFI, what’s in it for me? Do I get a lightsaber?

Vader: Noooo, but you get a shiney laserrrrr! And a nice corner off-Copioli cuts him off
Copioli: DEAL! When do I start?

First day of work:
Vader looks around at burning office.

Vader: Whyyyyyyyyy??? I trusted you Paaauul, we could’ve run IFI as an empire! Get out of here! You’re FIRED!

Copioli: :frowning: …Can I keep my laser though?
Vader crying: Huh?..Uh yea sure…whatever.

Vader while cleaning up: Well…at least I still have my interns.

Coffee guy walks in

K: Here’s your megamocha latte sir, extra frothy just the way you like. :smiley:
Vader: Why thank you, Karthik. Go back to your desk now.

Wearing these safety glasses will - force - me to reveal the truth.

I - am - a - nerd.

We’re - doomed.

It’s not GP to blow up another person’s Death Star.

The FRC Safety Advisers are so strict, even the control system has to wear safety glasses.

Vader: Dang young kids taking all the cool safety glasses! :mad:

FIRST Robotics: where a just helmet simply won’t do

Darth Vader’s Michael Dukakis Moment - Now he will never be The Dark Lord


Darth: I find this rather demeaning that I have to stand in this yellow tape square to inflict my wrath on the head ref.

Everyone wants a third alliance. Team 270 even came to the NYC regional preparing for the debut of the black alliance. Boy, were they disappointed.

May the Schwartz be with you.

(Photo is passed about at annual super-villain convention)

Joker: Ha, Vader is that you? Ha ha wow! What, have they got you speaking at FIRST competitions now? Going all GP and geek, eh?

Vader: What? Never! I wasn’t there for the competition. I was just, uh…scouting about to see if there were any good battle robot designs for another bid to take over the gal-

(Sauron leans over the Joker’s shoulder to see the photo)

Sauron: Vader! Are those…those aren’t safety googles, are they?

Vader: Silence! They wouldn’t let me in without them.

(Joker and Sauron burst into laughter)

Vader thinking to himself: Curse you FIRST. At this rate Voldemort is going to be calling me for tech support. My reputation as a super-villain is RUINED! RUINED!!!

No, no, no. You’ve got this all wrong, guys. Obviously, this picture was taken a long time ago. This was the FIRST ever Darth Vader created in history. I always wondered what happened to the best mentor in history.

Aliens from the future (actually, past) to assist dean with ideas about his robotic arm.

Can you imagine the fund-raising that team had to do to get to the Championship?

As an absentee father, Darth never did build a healthy relationship with Luke, so he decided to try harder with his younger son… “Billfred… who’s your daddy…”

It just goes to show you that even a master of the dark side of the Force can’t protect himself from flying debris in the pits. In actuality this is scene from an upcoming movie “The Force meets FRC”, but you know the ending.

While the prototype of the death ray goggles seemed awkward to Vader, he was surprised at how easily they allowed him to move around the robot development proving grounds.

At last, it was revealed to all that all green shirts are actually Dark Lords of the Sith in disguise.

Here we see their leader with a public service threat…er…announcement for all the non-compliant little FRC kiddies out there:

Shakes fist menacingly “You don’t know the POWERRRRRRRRRRRR…of the Underwriters Laboratories FRC Safety Advisors!”