CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #268

This might be a little vexing for some.

The scores after the last round:

lingomaniac88	30
Akash Rastogi	28
kramarczyk	24
Travis Hoffman	24
AndyB	20
rocketperson44	15
Barry Bonzack	14
GaryVoshol	14
JaneYoung	13
Karibou	13
Taylor	13
Daniel_LaFleur	12
Mr. Pockets	12
rsisk	11
Ryan Simpson	10
dodar	10
Don Rotolo	10
EricH	10
rtfgnow	10
MissInformation	9
Rich Wong	9
Wayne Doenges	9
bobwrit	8
Matt Attallah	7
Al Skierkiewicz	7
Chris is me	7
Steve W	6
KarenH	4
Cynette	3
Boydean	2
Greg Needel	2
RMiller	2
Tito H.	2
andrew348	1
Chief Pride	1
Cody Carey	1
jmanela	1
Katie_UPS	1
Lil' Lavery	1
NorviewsVeteran	1
Spiffizzle	1
Stephen of REX	1
Stormnnormn	1
youngWilliam14	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is theoretically Saturday at midnight, with judging to follow whenever I have time between coats of paint at my new condo.


Looks like Miss Daisy stole the Thunderchicken’s girlfriend.

When Miss Daisy’s mentors said “dress to impress”, I’m not sure they ment this.

And on the fourth day, the Almighty Peacock said “LET THERE BE ROBOTS”. And it was so.

NBC Peacock:

And my last bit of advice to you, Miss Daisy, is to show your true colors and bloom where you are planted.

Clearly they couldn’t get Tracy Morgan a better job at 30 Rock.:cool:

Peacock singing*:Right now you bet I’m gonna drive this bot here
the reign of Daisy is drawing near
I’ll drive the coolest robot here,
and it’s gonna be totally awesome

Daisy mascot: “There’s a reason giant blue peacocks don’t get lead roles in musicals. Just drive the robot already!”

*Begin video at 3:43 for the music to go with this

Although often unable to get along naturally in the wild, both daisies and peacocks are quite majestic and peaceful species. The world can become a better place if we took the time to learn from those different from ourselves.

I swear officer! I’m licensed and registered to drive this robot! I’d show you, but the robot stole my info so it could it drive itself, autonomously! Are you buying it yet?

Everyone was suprised when the Elite GDC SWAT team showed up to arrest the peacock for an outstanding <G14> violation.

Peacock: “All right, everyone! I will now do a trick!”
Daisy: “What sort of trick?”
Peacock: “I will make the robot disappear!”
Daisy: “With me watching?”
Peacock: “Yep. Watch closely now… Abracadabra…” grabs sticks and drives the robot at random bystanders until they run, then hides robot behind his tail “See, it’s gone.”
Daisy: “This is really going to be hard to explain to the mentors…”

Oy…Pop Peacock always said there’d be days like this…

I’ve got a headache THISSSSSSS big - and it’s got this Miss Daisy Safety Captain written all over it. Just where are YOUR safety glasses, you bloomin’ hypocrite?

Yea, our school has a peacock as a student, ya got a problem with dat?

Miss Daisy’s driver, seconds before becoming a ThunderChicken.

I told team 341 to keep their drivers away from the nuclear plants. See what happens when people dont listen!

Honest – Mr. Sheinhardt Peacock is a pre-college student enrolled in an accredited educational program.

Team #4’s mascot was less than happy about the giant peacock poser running about at comps. Why couldn’t his costume be that cool?

Good thing it’s Virtual NASCAR. You take your hands off the controls like that in real NASCAR, bad things are gonna happen. Bad things, but pretty things, as peacock feathers blanket the whole site.

Those tail feathers better not get caught in the chain… FIRST a la peacock

Referee: Put your hands in the air and step away from the control sticks. You have been disqualified from the competition for a lack of Gracious Professionalism. You are hereby charged with one count of cockiness and two counts of fowl play.