CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #27

Alright, now here is the first contest of the build season.

The scores thus far:

  MissInformation	76
  Gary Dillard	68
  T. Hoffman	64
  Greencactus3	59
  Dlavery	55
  JVN	51
  Michelle 236	45
  Dorienne Plait	44
  DCA Fan	43
  Jay H 237	42
  GateRunner	40
  Greg Needel	38
  Andy Baker	37
  Elgin Clock	35
  "Big Mike"	33
  EddieMcD	33
  Amanda Morrison	31
  Eugenia Gabrielov	31
  Bcahn836	30
  Rich Wong	29
  Jeff Waegelin	27
  Tkwetzel	21
  Matt Attallah	20
  JosephM	20
  Brandon Martus	19
  Mike Ciance	18
  Shyra1353	16
  Lil' Lavery	15
  Astronouth7303	15
  VGMasterShadow	14
  Kyle45	14
  Jessica Boucher	10
  Wetzel	10
  Tom Schindler	10
  Aignam	9
  Squirrelrock	9
  Arefin Bari	8
  DanielBCR	8
  Jack Jones	7
  Vivelation	7
  Meli W.	7
  George1083	6
  RogerR	6
  ZACH P.	6
  Ken Patton	4
  Corey Balint	4
  CourtneyB	4
  Yan Wang	4
  David Kelly	3
  Andrew Rudolph	3
  Ben Lauer	3
  Barry Bonzack1604	2
  Denman	2
  DJ Fluck	2
  Ecarlson	2
  EnderofDragon	2
  Jake177	2
  Jeff_Rice	2
  Joe Ross	2
  Joshua May	2
  Karinka13	2
  Koko Ed	2
  Steve W	2
  Tom Bottiglieri	2
  Tytus Gerrish	2
  Aaron Lussier	1
  Bill Gold	1
  Coco The Monkey	1
  Collin Fultz	1
  DanielBCR	1
  ElfMaster	1
  JakeGallagher	1
  Katie Reynolds	1
  Lisa Perez	1
  MATT_kaplan108	1
  Sanddrag	1

Now, here’s the story. For now, I am pegging the deadline for build season at this Saturday at Midnight, with judging and the next contest coming the morning after. However, I am considering a change to the schedule to allow the deadline for this contest to become next Saturday at midnight, since I know some folks are slightly crazy this time of year. I can’t remember why, though.

So here’s the deal–along with your entry, post whether you want to make caption contests during build season last one week or two. I will survey the responses Friday after noon Eastern, and post the decision shortly after.

After build season, it’s back to normal. Or as normal as this caption contest ever gets.

Here’s the picture:


My opinion: you have the (mostly) solid schedule going for you the past 6 months. You may as well keep it the way it is through build season.

“My lightbulb just clicked on! Oh sure, I had to lift it up… doesn’t mean I’m slow or anything… stop looking at me like that!”

I agree with Eddie. Most of us are used to the current schedule.

OK, now for my entry:

Team Update #16

In response to complaints FIRST received about not having the human players involved in the matches enough, FIRST will now require each human player to hold up a beacon with their teams color for the entire duration of the match. FIRST regrets any inconvenience this may cause any teams and/or human players.

Opinion. Keep it to one week. That way things get moving and people remember to check.

“Ah! Bright color! I’ll work on the robot later… goggle

Wipe that smile off your face. The red light proves that you are lieing. Now for the last time did you eat that last Krispy Kream?

Finally! A team has figured out how to combine the robt and human player into one!

Wasn’t there something in the rule book in 2003 about taking care of the dome lights?

“Uh-oh… maybe if I distract them with this red light, they won’t realize I just farted…”

I’m sending signals back to my home planet of Lavery where the mars rover roams around now-a-days

“MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! The Palantir of Isengard is MINE! Behold the almighty Eye of Sauron!!!…so what the heck am I supposed to do with this stupid thing now??? I know - I’ll put it on our robot and bathe our opponents in his fiery red illumination! All will crumble before us under the weight of Sauron’s visage!”

Later that month at the Mordor Regional, the qualifying match list is released…

“We have to face Team F.R.O.D.O. in the first match??? Aw, crap.”

My lightsaber is broken. If I concentrate hard enough, maybe I can use the Force to fix it…

weeeeell i waaaaas holding the robot up above the stage so everyone in the audience could see…and… well i guess i didnt have a good enough grip…but hey, the rotating light still works! :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate it when people dont finish their sent … OOOHH OOOHH a bright light …

(keep it to one week …)

… and they told me that if I just rub the lamp long enough and REALLY, REALLY believe hard enough, then a genie will come out and grant me three wishes!

Waddaya mean this is the wrong lamp?!?!!

Kid: Must…not…loooooooooook…Must…not…loooooooooook!
Mr. Cokeley: Hey kid…you doing okay?
Mr. Cokeley: …Right…glances at Bharat Where’s the nearest psycho ward?

“So, if I mount this to the roof of my car, I can really pull people over??”

Wayne C.: “What? We didn’t get any LED’s in this years kit?”
Kid in picture: “We still have this ;)!”

Oh yeah…forgot this part: Keep it to one week if it does not impede on your schedule too much.

I’m for the every week thing I suppose.

<rejected entry> (you guys are probably too young to get this) No, a Bud light

<actual entry>
OK, stick a team number on 4 sides of him and let’s see if we can get him to pass inspection *this * time.

“Yess maaaasster…” spoken Igor style