CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #277

Ah, 277–a nice way to get into downtown Columbia if you’re coming from Charlotte.

Here are the scores after the last round:

Travis Hoffman	48
Ryan Simpson	47
lingomaniac88	46
rsisk	43
AndyB	41
GaryVoshol	41
JaneYoung	40
Taylor	37
Akash Rastogi	36
kramarczyk	35
EricH	28
Don Rotolo	27
Mr. Pockets	27
Karibou	26
rtfgnow	26
rocketperson44	24
Wayne Doenges	24
Al Skierkiewicz	22
Barry Bonzack	21
Chris is me	21
dodar	18
Katie_UPS	14
bobwrit	14
MissInformation	13
Daniel_LaFleur	12
Rich Wong	12
NorviewsVeteran	10
delsaner	10
Steve W	9
Matt Attallah	7
KarenH	4
DRAKE343	3
Greg Needel	3
Cynette	3
GillSt.Bernards	3
Austin H	2
Boydean	2
Jared341	2
Rick TYler	2
RMiller	2
Tito H.	2
jmanela	2
andrew348	1
Chief Pride	1
Cody Carey	1
dman14	1
FinleyM	1
Lil' Lavery	1
Mrs.Drake343	1
Spiffizzle	1
Stephen of REX	1
Stormnnormn	1
youngWilliam14	1
BrendanB	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is sorta kinda possibly theoretically Saturday at midnight.


npoe- Finally getting back in this.

Entry- “They say ‘Shift Happens.’ Apparently constipation happens too”

“Say cheese!”

YAY we won. Wait, whats that? No, NOT A RICK ROLL!!

Team 1086’s reaction after finding out that they were not only getting a sponsorship from Kraft but also that they were receiving a giant cheese block with their team’s robot carved in it.

Guy in the middle: “Yes! We just scored two super cells at once!”

Team captain: “Yeah… in your own trailer. Way to go, geniuses.”

Upon winning the regional…


The FBI goes deep undercover in Wisconsin

We just saved a whole bunch of money on our robot insurance by switching to Geico!

Drive team member shouts: We’re Blue Cheese and we stink!

Coach: Uh, we might want to change that up a bit - there’s some holes in the logic.

*walking away together *
Drive team member: We trust logic more than holes?

One Cheesehead to another: If somebody puts a picture of us on Chief Delphi, how many puns do you think Jane Young could make?

Left and Middle Cheesehead: “Yea we won! Were the big cheese!”

Right Cheesehead: “Its about time they played sandstorm! I love this song!”

Guy on right: “I don’t think it was such a good idea to use real california cheese for our hats. I don’t think they will last the whole regional weekend. BTW, what’s that smell?”

During the eliminations, 1086 attempted to get a competitive edge by going Super Saiyan. Unfortunately, in the process it changed their cheese from blue to yellow.

{npoe}I’ll think of a better one…

Made by milk from Holy Cows?

Ahh, the power of cheese :slight_smile:

[NPOE] Hey, do I get 50 points for Top Post?[/NPOE]

So that’s how they make Cheez-It’s…

Caption contests these days…They cotain such cheesy jokes…

[npoe]Yes, but there’s a 50-point collection fee. :stuck_out_tongue: [/npoe]

Making another step forward towards expanding FIRST’s appeal, Team 1086 was informed that Wizards of the Coast had accepted their proposed Magic the Gathering card. Here they can be seen upon the breaking of the news.

Graciously, they didn’t make their mascot wear those tights ^_-