CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #28

Alright, time for another round. Here’s the scores, if you didn’t read my last post three minutes ago…

  MissInformation	79
  Gary Dillard	68
  T. Hoffman	66
  Dlavery	65
  Greencactus3	64
  JVN	51
  Michelle 236	45
  Dorienne Plait	45
  Jay H 237	44
  DCA Fan	44
  GateRunner	40
  Greg Needel	38
  Andy Baker	37
  EddieMcD	36
  Elgin Clock	35
  Amanda Morrison	33
  "Big Mike"	33
  Eugenia Gabrielov	33
  Rich Wong	31
  Bcahn836	31
  Jeff Waegelin	27
  Tkwetzel	23
  Matt Attallah	20
  JosephM	20
  Brandon Martus	19
  Mike Ciance	18
  Shyra1353	18
  VGMasterShadow	16
  Kyle45	16
  Lil' Lavery	15
  Astronouth7303	15
  Jessica Boucher	10
  Wetzel	10
  Squirrelrock	10
  Tom Schindler	10
  Aignam	9
  Arefin Bari	8
  DanielBCR	8
  Jack Jones	7
  Vivelation	7
  Meli W.	7
  George1083	6
  RogerR	6
  ZACH P.	6
  Ken Patton	4
  Koko Ed	4
  Steve W	4
  Corey Balint	4
  CourtneyB	4
  Yan Wang	4
  David Kelly	3
  Andrew Rudolph	3
  Ben Lauer	3
  Denman	3
  Barry Bonzack1604	2
  DJ Fluck	2
  Ecarlson	2
  EnderofDragon	2
  Jake177	2
  Jeff_Rice	2
  Joe Ross	2
  Joshua May	2
  Karinka13	2
  Marc P.	2
  Tom Bottiglieri	2
  Tytus Gerrish	2
  Aaron Lussier	1
  Bill Gold	1
  Coco The Monkey	1
  Collin Fultz	1
  DanielBCR	1
  ElfMaster	1
  IMDWalrus	1
  JakeGallagher	1
  Katie Reynolds	1
  Lisa Perez	1
  MATT_kaplan108	1
  Sanddrag	1

And the picture…

Remember, the deadline during build season is midnight Saturday, with results and the next contest being posted sometime Sunday.

Have fun!

Its amazing how many people/things think they are JVN nowadays

Resistance is futile…

In a report published in The New England Journal of Medicine, it was revealed that a strain of sentient flesh-eating bacteria is now infecting people solely to display their obsession with the recent “I am JVN” craze.

James Victor Newman was tired of people asking for his name, so drastic measures were taken…

“Yeah man, chicks dig big muscles… and JVN.”

If that is for JVN i would hate to see the tribute to Dave.

Due to the possibility of a copyright infringement, FIRSTers are getting “I am JVN” tatooed on them instead of the FIRST logo.

I may have had too many wobbly pops but I will always be able to remember who I am.

ohhh how sexy. but of course thats photoshopped right? no. not the “I am JVN” part but the bulging muscles. what? they’re real? well i guess some robotics geeks get a workout lugging around heavy robots :rolleyes:

Now that I’m all cool with a tattoo, maybe I’ll get some of them fine robot ladies at Nationals. Wait, what do you mean surgery isn’t enough???

<entry>Genia: Think he really got that done? Or do you think it was temporary?
Me: Temporary. The dude seems too chicken to get it professionally done. Heard he’s scared of needles. laughs</entry>

(Just joking man.)

“That was just after the first trip. I still have to go back for the coloration.” End result: ‘I am JVN’ with a pink heart around JVN.

“And the moral of this story: Trust your drinking buddies.”

What you don’t see is Dave’s name on the other arm inside of a krispey kreme donut box, with empty sugan circles on the inside. :smiley:

suga**r***, sorry :o

“I am J(ust) V(ery) N(oticable)?”

Could this be next years game hint???

“But Mom… none of the other kids have to have their names written on their arms…”

“But Mom… All the other kids’ Moms just label their underwear when they go away to summer camp for a week…” :mad: