CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #289

Kara finds out why it’s called Grosse Pointe.

Kara: Still not as dirty as breaking chains.

Reason #27 that Kara wants to go to MTU: Their dumpsters aren’t 129 degrees F in the summer.

[npoe] actual Kara quote [/npoe]


well, now we know what’ll be coming in the kit next year…

In Soviet Grosse Pointe, Michigan, boyfriend dumps you. Literally.

Extreme Dumpster Diving

Build season is so stressful, it has Kara down in the dumps.

( seem to have a thing for trash. Good thing I’m substantially tan, so nobody could make jokes regarding my white trashy state.

<npoe>Well, it was the middle of the summer.</npoe>
Kara learns a valuable life lesson, never suggest an idea that you don’t want to get stuck implementing.


Actually, it was at the very end of the school year (about a week before finals). You obviously don’t interact with Michigan residents who spend obnoxious amounts of time outside/do synchronized swimming :

[/npoe ]

When will the team learn that it is not OK to litter?!?!?!

Now, how do I get out of here?

Kara: Haha! Look guys I found the Engineer’ssecret equation. What do you think it actually means.

Other team member: Hmmm…I’ve got it! This must be his secret to building stuff by hitting it with a wrench.

Kara: (with evil grin) Build season is going to very awesome this year!

I must find the preeeeecccccccccious!

If I go through the GDC’s trash, maybe I can find hints to next year’s game!

Okay, okay, it’s still Sunday because I haven’t slept yet!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

Honorable mentions go to:

  1. Mr. Pockets
  2. lingomaniac88
  3. Taylor
  4. JaneYoung
  5. FoXy92
  6. Katie_UPS
  7. delsaner
  8. Karibou
  9. GaryVoshol
  10. Al Skierkiewicz
  11. rsisk

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

Taylor	87
lingomaniac88	81
Travis Hoffman	80
JaneYoung	77
GaryVoshol	75
Ryan Simpson	71
Don Rotolo	69
kramarczyk	66
rsisk	63
AndyB	56
EricH	56
Mr. Pockets	52
rtfgnow	47
Karibou	44
Wayne Doenges	41
Akash Rastogi	39
Al Skierkiewicz	38
Chris is me	31
NorviewsVeteran	29
Barry Bonzack	28
dodar	28
Rich Wong	24
rocketperson44	24
Katie_UPS	23
BrendanB	22
delsaner	21
bobwrit	14
MissInformation	13
Daniel_LaFleur	12
Steve W	9
Barngirl425	8
Matt Attallah	7
jmanela	7
skimoose	5
RMiller	5
J93Wagner	5
KarenH	4
DRAKE343	3
FinleyM	3
Greg Needel	3
Cynette	3
Austin H	2
Boydean	2
FoXy92	2
Jared341	2
Rick TYler	2
Tito H.	2
andrew348	1
basicxman	1
Chief Pride	1
Cody Carey	1
dman14	1
Lil' Lavery	1
Mrs.Drake343	1
nitneylion452	1
Phoenix Spud	1
Q. Sheets	1
rulesall2	1
Spiffizzle	1
Stephen of REX	1
Stormnnormn	1
youngWilliam14	1