CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #290

Here we go again!

The scores after the last round:

Taylor	87
lingomaniac88	81
Travis Hoffman	80
JaneYoung	77
GaryVoshol	75
Ryan Simpson	71
Don Rotolo	69
kramarczyk	66
rsisk	63
AndyB	56
EricH	56
Mr. Pockets	52
rtfgnow	47
Karibou	44
Wayne Doenges	41
Akash Rastogi	39
Al Skierkiewicz	38
Chris is me	31
NorviewsVeteran	29
Barry Bonzack	28
dodar	28
Rich Wong	24
rocketperson44	24
Katie_UPS	23
BrendanB	22
delsaner	21
bobwrit	14
MissInformation	13
Daniel_LaFleur	12
Steve W	9
Barngirl425	8
Matt Attallah	7
jmanela	7
skimoose	5
RMiller	5
J93Wagner	5
KarenH	4
DRAKE343	3
FinleyM	3
Greg Needel	3
Cynette	3
Austin H	2
Boydean	2
FoXy92	2
Jared341	2
Rick TYler	2
Tito H.	2
andrew348	1
basicxman	1
Chief Pride	1
Cody Carey	1
dman14	1
Lil' Lavery	1
Mrs.Drake343	1
nitneylion452	1
Phoenix Spud	1
Q. Sheets	1
rulesall2	1
Spiffizzle	1
Stephen of REX	1
Stormnnormn	1
youngWilliam14	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Saturday at midnight.


Tornado loves the J_Ns of the RoboWranglers. Unfortunately, having JVN aboard meant that JTN had to join in. In the next match, 148 received a Red Card for field damage (making a mess), another for a violation of <S01>, another for having a human touch the robot during a match , a Yellow Card for an illegal traction device (JTN got out briefly to push), and several penalties for having too many balls in possession, and an equal number of penalties for carrying. The team was removed from the tournament, and Tornado found work at a smoothie place to pay the various fines and penalties levied by the courts.

I would love to see the Weighted Objectives Table that came up with this design feature

JTN: “It’s a twister, it’s a twister!”

I don’t need safety glasses when I am one with the robot.

Next on FOX: When dunk tanks attack!

The perfect babysitter…

The spin: Getting caught up in Team 148 can land you in a whirl of trouble.

The reality: You don’t have to be a doll face to appreciate the ride.

I don’t know about you, but I’d say that freshman hazing has gone too far.

For this year’s International Science and Engineering Fair, I have chosen to invent a product that is a direct competitor to Dean Kamen’s portable water distiller. For under $50, you can sponsor to place one of these machines anywhere in the world. It takes any water supply, blends it, shakes it, and out pops drinkable JVN brand soda. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Just move your leg like this…twist your arm this way…and…WE HAVE OUR KICKER!

Well sure he can ride in a Tornado. But can he manage a Tumbleweed?

Robots have managed to gain control of humans… EVERYBODY, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! ROBOTS HAVE TAKEN OVER THE WORLD!!

You know you’re a kid growing up in FIRST when: you ride the Tornado instead of a merry-go-round!

Quick: Which one’s the doll?

I thought the last ball we picked up seemed a bit larger…

A sign of the times??? In the past, most kids would just get a “My parents went to Texas and all I got was this stupid t-shirt”. I guess it’s better than having your older brother put you in the dryer…

You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round round round

off screen…
Meridith: Where did he learn that song?
JVN: Pop culture is like that, what goes around comes around. Does he even know what a record is anyway?
Meridith: Sort of. He looked them up on Wikipedia, but can’t figure out why a database is going around.

And so begins the robot apocalypse. JVN is on deck.

148 failed to notice the clause in which human players are not allowed on the field during gameplay.