CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #302

Here we go!

The scores after the last round:

JaneYoung	119
lingomaniac88	111
GaryVoshol	108
Taylor	108
Ryan Simpson	106
EricH	95
kramarczyk	89
Don Rotolo	88
rtfgnow	87
rsisk	86
Travis Hoffman	81
Karibou	70
Mr. Pockets	62
AndyB	56
Al Skierkiewicz	52
Wayne Doenges	52
BrendanB	42
Akash Rastogi	39
dodar	35
Chris is me	33
Barry Bonzack	31
Katie_UPS	31
delsaner	31
NorviewsVeteran	29
Rich Wong	25
rocketperson44	24
Barngirl425	14
bobwrit	14
MissInformation	13
Daniel_LaFleur	12
Steve W	9
jmanela	8
Matt Attallah	7
Vermeulen	6
cooker52	5
DRAKE343	5
skimoose	5
RMiller	5
J93Wagner	5
KarenH	4
The Cyborg	4
Dan Swando	4
nitneylion452	4
FinleyM	3
Greg Needel	3
Cynette	3
Kage	3
rulesall2	3
Austin H	2
Boydean	2
FoXy92	2
Jared341	2
O'Sancheski	2
Rick TYler	2
Tito H.	2
Phoenix Spud	2
andrew348	1
basicxman	1
Chief Pride	1
Cody Carey	1
dman14	1
JackG	1
Lil' Lavery	1
Mrs.Drake343	1
Q. Sheets	1
Spiffizzle	1
Stephen of REX	1
Stormnnormn	1
youngWilliam14	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is theoretically possibly sorta kinda Saturday at midnight Eastern.


The varied effects of an addiction to FIRST: reactions like a little kid, extreme concentration, and an overwhelming urge to talk to electronics in the hopes that they’ll actually work this time.

OW! This thing’s got my thumbs! GET IT OFF!

(kid at right) Hm, how’d the “bite me” autonomous routine start up again?

Guy on Right: How do I turn this stupid rap off?

Time Flies and so does the robot when the Metal In Motion hits the bump just right and your driver does the mind meld on your driver station!


Guy on the right: Hey, if you press on the screen REALLY hard, you get all kinds of pretty colors. Whoa.
Guy on the right: But dude, the colors…
Guy on the left: FORGET THE COLORS!

Maybe sending out those netbooks to all the teams wasn’t such a good idea after all…

Driver: “AAAAHHH”
Driver2: “Those programmers! Who thought it would be a good prank to route 240v through the joysticks?”

Driver: “Ramming speeeeeeeed!”

Driver: Prepare, for LUDICROUS SPEED!

343’s driver discovers 4chan…

oooohhhhh, if only i could say what was actually said :wink:

Coach (guy in the middle): “I wonder what Mrs. Drake is making for dinner…”

In one of those special ET phone home moments that we all have:

Driver 1 - Wow, I’ve never driven forward before!

Driver 2 - Did you order anchovies on the pizza?

Coach - thought bubble I just hope we don’t wake up on Mars or something.

Guy on left: Why isn’t it moving?!?!

Classmate Screen: Sorry, I am afraid I cannot do that Dave

Look, I am telling you for the last time we are not connected. You are driving someone else’s robot!

Student on Left: “Oh my goodness, Dave Lavery is eating a Dunkin Donut!!!”
Student on Right: “Stay focused man!!!”

Student on left: “Do you think that if the robot is on the far end of the field, and if I open my mouth wide enough, the camera will register it as a target?”
Coach: “Don’t be ridiculous.”
Student on right: “Well, let’s see…”

Student on right: “Umm…ball launching at [student on left]'s face in 3, 2, 1…”

Guy on right:Oh my gosh
Guy on the Left: Woah who knew firin mah lazar would work so well.

Guy on left: Okay, I’m lined up for the shot. FIRE!
Guy on right: Oh…I kinda replaced the operator controls with a webcam. But on the bright side, my hair sure does look good!