CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #314

If they’re serving pi at the IRI concession stands, I hope they’re making a hundred or so…

The scores after the last round:

EricH	10
Wayne Doenges	5
Karibou	3
Chris is me	2
delsaner	2
Don Rotolo	2
GaryVoshol	2
James1902	2
Purple	2
rsisk	2
Ryan Simpson	2
Al Skierkiewicz	1
dodar	1
JaneYoung	1
Katie_UPS	1
Rich Wong	1
rtfgnow	1
Spiffizzle	1
Taylor	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is theoretically Saturday at midnight. (And with free wifi at the Indianapolis airport, I might even get it judged on Sunday!) I’ll be at IRI this weekend, United Airlines permitting, and I’ll accept entries in person as is tradition.


With devilish grins, Andy, Jess, and Timmy spin around and pull the fire alarm. Just like high school days. Little do they know they are the only ones wearing MOE socks and are easily spotted in the exiting crowd as the perpetrators.

Andy, Jess, and Timmy demonstrate how they hitch hike to Championship using the power of the MOE sock.

MOE Socks + Clipboard of DOOM = you better find religion.

Here we have three respected mentors demonstrating the last bullet point on the inspirational poster:

  • Cooperation and collaborations are essential to success.

Notice the cooperation by being in step. Notice the collaboration of creating a choo-choo-train simulation without falling down. Notice the grins of success on their faces.

Moe socks are a great fashion statement… unless you snuck behind stage at a Dean Simmons and the Kamens Brothers concert.

Here we see Andy, Jess, and Timmy modeling the fall collection from FIRST Robotics: MOE Tye-Dye Uni-Sex Socks

Members of a very secretive Highland Clan wearing their colors as they march forth from Manchesta’

(not entry) Heading to Manchvegas this Friday to meet friends at Margaritas on Elm. :cool:

Three legged Cha Cha Slide… now thats tough stuff.

[NPOE/] I kept thinking “why are they called MOE socks, if the 88 logo is visible on the socks?” Then I realized that its not about 365 MOE. >_> [NPOE]

“Chief, I found a Waldo imposter and 2 nerds.”
“I cited all three of them for lack of fashion sense–their socks were just that bad.”
“Worse than Dave Lavery in a kilt?”
“Not quite.”

LOOK!!! It’s the Oreos

5-6-7-8! And left foot! 3, 4! and right foot! 7, 8!

STOP STOP STOP! You’re doing it ALL WRONG.

I always suspected that sock puppets were nerds.

I finally get it. It’s not about the robot, its about socks!

[new/revised entry]

Fashion Police HQ
“Chief, I found a Waldo imposter and 2 nerds.”
“I cited all three of them for lack of fashion sense–their socks were just that bad.”
“Worse than Dave Lavery in a kilt?”
“Not quite.”
“Worse than Paul Copioli in a kilt?”
“Nothing could be worse than that.”

ZZ Topmeets FIRST

(Hey, where’d the beards go?)


What you see is not a photograph, but rather a video of an extremely competitive game of freeze dance. Even when the music player breaks, they keep playing. Now that’s dedication!

Andy: Billfred is having a bad hair day. Do you think these socks are enough to take some attention off it?

Offscreen: Hmmm… probably not. Try building a chassis with some window motors.

<npoe>Sorry, but I didn’t make it to IRI to harass you in person. :smiley:

Jess, Timmy, and Andy have been known to be trend-setters in FIRST… do you think this fad will catch on?

Wildstang’s build space flooded, luckily these three were on hand to wade through the knee deep water and help clean up.