CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #326

Robot: I gotta hurry up and hide these tetrahedrons so that I can finally take a break from practice!

The janitors wondered why all the ceiling tiles were always broken during the winter, so they set up a security camera. After seeing this picture, the robot team had to raise more money to pacify the janitors. The janitors also got the robot after the season to help them stack chairs and tables.

It’s always great to have a robotic student around when taking the Christmas decorations down from the attic.

<NPOE>So three way tie at 42. Have we hit the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything” glass ceiling?</NPOE>

Bah, I’ve seens cielings more threatening than this in a Kids R’ Us.

That’s nothin’ - you should’a seen what happened when they dropped 'em.

Robot: Guys! I’m kinda stuck! Please remove more ceiling tiles!

Famous Last Words: “Watch out for the sprinkler!”

[Also not an entry] No, but the robot has! [/Also not an entry]

To appease the school board asking for a practical robot, team 326 made a robot to assist the plumber by bringing equipment to them.

Hey Mr. G, Lookee what I found up in the ceiling!
Mr. G? Hello?
(Hmm, all I see is his hat…)

Robot: Finally my chance has come! Now to make my escape!

You know, sometimes there just is no substitute for a good demonstration of physical principles. Here we see demonstrated the principle that two solids cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

Team member describing the situation to the local news media:

We had no idea that planting a seed of inspiration would grow into such a big reality. It didn’t help that the challenge is based on the story, Jack And The Beanstalk. Every time we do this structured fairytale theme, we end up with a giant-sized dilemma. It reminds me of the Pinocchio challenge - the whale, the water, the budget spent on mops and water vacs. Now we’re just a little concerned with the area blackout that occurred when lightning struck as we blew through the roof. Who knew that would happen? ::safety:: I mean, really?!

Mentor beaming proudly in the background holding a flashlight - we made the evening news! even if no one can see it…

Robot: “The students said I can take a break after I put these tetras away. OK, let’s try the cabinets. No good, Poof Balls. Let’s try the store room. Nope, full of super cells. OK, I’ll try the ceiling. Holy hand grenade, how did they get all those trackballs up here!?!?!?!”

Eagle:I swear ma! These Tetras aren’t mine! I’m just holding them for a friend!

Mother Robot: Uh huh, sure. Then why did I catch you trying to stash them in the ceiling when I came home?

I know this IS high school…but the song is “Bop to the Top”](, not “Bop through the top”…

Team 326’s ventures into a parallel universe have so far been unsuccessful. When they sent their mentor through the portal, he never made it back. Only his hat and goggles have been retrieved.

They’ll never find them here!

Sorry again about the delay–blame it on my Gamecocks overthrowing Alabama on Saturday. (I went to bed at 12:30 that night, and the party was only getting started outside my window here in Five Points.)

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

Honorable mentions go to:

  1. rsisk
  2. RoboDesigners
  3. Swan217
  4. BrendanB
  5. Taylor
  6. Wayne Doenges
  7. Ryan Simpson

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

EricH	45
Taylor	44
Karibou	43
Ryan Simpson	42
Don Rotolo	28
Wayne Doenges	28
GaryVoshol	28
rsisk	27
Al Skierkiewicz	26
JaneYoung	24
dodar	21
kstl99	20
rtfgnow	17
Chris is me	15
Purple	15
kramarczyk	13
delsaner	12
Katie_UPS	12
Barry Bonzack	10
Lee Reid 3136	10
skimoose	8
Vermeulen	7
Alex Cormier	6
kenavt	6
Andy Baker	5
RoboDesigners	4
Spiffizzle	4
DRAKE343	3
JackG	3
BrendanB	3
Chief Pride	2
James1902	2
kjolana1124	2
OmerSD	2
Swan217	2
Travis Hoffman	2
EricS-Team180	1
Josh Fox	1
Mr. Pockets	1
Rich Wong	1
Schmoebot	1
ttldomination	1