CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #33

Yeah, it’s me again. Here’s the scores:

  MissInformation	89
  Gary Dillard	86
  T. Hoffman	76
  Dlavery	75
  Greencactus3	72
  Dorienne Plait	58
  JVN	54
  Rich Wong	51
  Jay H 237	51
  DCA Fan	49
  Michelle 236	45
  GateRunner	45
  Amanda Morrison	44
  Andy Baker	-infinity
  Elgin Clock	41
  Greg Needel	41
  Eugenia Gabrielov	41
  EddieMcD	36
  Bcahn836	36
  "Big Mike"	34
  Tkwetzel	31
  Brandon Martus	29
  Jeff Waegelin	27
  VGMasterShadow	26
  Matt Attallah	24
  Kyle45	24
  JosephM	23
  Shyra1353	19
  Mike Ciance	18
  Squirrelrock	17
  Lil' Lavery	16
  Richardp	16
  Astronouth7303	15
  Arefin Bari	12
  Tom Schindler	12
  Nehalita	11
  Koko Ed	11
  Jessica Boucher	10
  Wetzel	10
  Steve W	9
  Aignam	9
  DanielBCR	9
  Jack Jones	7
  Vivelation	7
  Meli W.	7
  George1083	6
  Killerofkiller	6
  RogerR	6
  ZACH P.	6
  Ken Patton	4
  Corey Balint	4
  CourtneyB	4
  Denman	4
  JamizzleHavok13	4
  Yan Wang	4
  Pit Bull 1126	4
  David Kelly	3
  Andrew Rudolph	3
  Ben Lauer	3
  DJ Fluck	3
  Marc P.	3
  Barry Bonzack1604	2
  Ecarlson	2
  EnderofDragon	2
  EricS-Team180	2
  Jake177	2
  Jdiwnab	2
  Jeff_Rice	2
  Joe Ross	2
  Joshua May	2
  Karinka13	2
  Tom Bottiglieri	2
  Tytus Gerrish	2
  Cyberguy34000	2
  Aaron Lussier	1
  Bill Gold	1
  Coco The Monkey	1
  Collin Fultz	1
  DanielBCR	1
  ElfMaster	1
  Eria4044	1
  IMDWalrus	1
  JakeGallagher	1
  Katie Reynolds	1
  Lisa Perez	1
  MATT_kaplan108	1
  Robo hottie71	1
  Sanddrag	1
  Stephen Kowski	1

And the picture…

The deadline remains Saturday at midnight. Don’t forget to post before passing out for your obligatory catch-up-on-rest-from-build-season nap!

Clark: dude, check it out
**computer: ** ssssseven daysssss
David: yep she’s gonna die…
Brandon: SLACKERS!.. Omg, check out her face
DJ: i don’t have the bladder for this…

In amazement of seeing a well-figured lady in the nude for the first time, many FIRST personell seem jaw dropped. DJ (a very unliked person) has been left out of this glorious find… Lets see what they do next…(or not. :))

Guy on the computer, " See Brandon you are this weeks target for the caption contest.
Brandon ( eyes glowing red with anger), " That Billfred guy is going to pay for this one.


“Brandon, look at this! Chief Delphi…hacked…again.”


Wait…what…no way…again?!"

that cant be! team 1481 losing? thats utterly impossible! this mustve been hacked!
kid in dark blue shirt - that skinny dude on the other side of the table looks like he’s hiding sumthing. as if he were innocent… hmmm according to the results hes on the winning team, now thats suspicious. :cool:

Brandon: And now I will erase David’s computer with the power of my glowing eye. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
David: "Dude, where’d all my files go??
Clark: “David, are you sure you are qualified to operate one of those?”
DJ: Why’d they have to attach this pole to my head…now I can’t point and laugh at David…grrrrr



I love that face on David. I think I just found my new avatar…:smiley:

skinny kid on right, holding a Star Trek Phaser under his arm: “Now gentlemen, what team is going to win?, thats right, you know what team, now what did i tell you to say to the FIRST segway police?”

Brandon and David together " We hacked the system under our own free will. the skinny kid next to us did not have anything to do with the planning or execution of this plan"

Skinny kid :evil Laugh: “MUHAHAHAHA” First IRI next Nationals!:looks at score bord: written in 1337 " he has a phaser he has a phaser he has a phaser help us OMG he has a phaser"

check out this taxidermy website…it only cost $200 to to get DJ stuffed, what a bargain

David Kelly: Um, guys, you are not going to believe this. I just got an email from a girl!

Andy B.

DJ: hey guys, did you hear about the big red button?

Brandon: ya, its so cool.

Clark: david, find it find it find it!!

David: I am looking for it… dont jinx me.

Kenny Ardizone: DJ was talking about the big red button that Dez used.

Announcer: “… and we’re STILL waiting for the official score from the scorer’s table…”

Brandon: “Cool game - what’s it called?”

David: “Solitaire. It comes FREE with Windows. Just check out Start/programs/accessories/games; you wouldn’t believe all the cool stuff they have”

Clark: “Put the black jack on the red queen.”

DJ: <I’m glad I wore a different shirt. Hopefully no-one thinks I know these guys>

David: “Evil Cyber Lord, the Blue Alliance have breached the outer wall and have taken control of the loading platform.”

Brandon (in a deep scary tone): “Release… the red robots of Death… destroy the Alliance… show NOOOOO mercy.”

Clark: “Guys, stop fooling around and announce the game correctly…. Brandon, take those stupid RED contacts off, you’re scaring the children.”

Look, for the last time, NO I WON’T CHANGE THE SCORES IN YOUR FAVOR!

DK: Man these guys are cheating or something…I keep dying.
Brandon: C’mon DK, it’s my turn, stop hogging the computer!!!
Clark: Dude, you suck you have to shoot the guys.
DJ: You guys are all idiots, I can’t believe I know you people.

Brandon: See? I told there was a picture of Dave Lavery in a bikini.
DJ: So what? It’s probably one of Heidi’s photoshop maipulations.
Brandon: No. It’s not.


David Kelly: I should look away. But I can’t (whimpering) I can’t.

Brandon: So there’s this one girl… her name is Amanda Morrsson. I can’t stop thinking about her and I just have to read all of her posts.
D.J: I don’t blame you. I love my women shrink-wrapped

David Kelly: Those are Dave Lavery’s legs?! And he is coming here?! Do I have time to run and hide?

DJ: I don’t think so, looks like he just arrived cause I went blind.

David: Dude, someone just outbid you on Dave Lavery’s 1/2-eaten Krispy Kreme!
Brandon: No way, give me the link I need to get that donut!