CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #337

Time to see who’s really hard-working.

The scores after the last round:

Taylor	81
Ryan Simpson	76
Karibou	65
EricH	64
GaryVoshol	61
Don Rotolo	58
JaneYoung	55
Al Skierkiewicz	49
Wayne Doenges	48
rsisk	48
rtfgnow	41
dodar	26
kstl99	22
kramarczyk	16
Katie_UPS	16
Chris is me	15
Purple	15
skimoose	14
Barry Bonzack	12
delsaner	12
Lee Reid 3136	11
Vermeulen	9
kenavt	9
JackG	8
BrendanB	7
KarenH	7
Alex Cormier	6
Andy Baker	5
efoote868	5
RoboDesigners	5
Spiffizzle	4
DRAKE343	3
Brianna	3
OmerSD	3
Phoenix Spud	3
Chief Pride	2
James1902	2
kjolana1124	2
Swan217	2
Travis Hoffman	2
EricS-Team180	1
jmanela	1
Josh Fox	1
Mr. Pockets	1
Rich Wong	1
RMiller	1
Schmoebot	1
ttldomination	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is sorta kinda theoretically Saturday at midnight Eastern.


This is what happens when you step onto the field while the robots are running. First they knock you out, then they use you as a goal.


Some people find puzzles stimulating, but Towers of Hanoi puts FIRST students right to sleep.

Krispy Kreme’s latest invention, Attack Donuts.

Yes, I know donuts will work great.
Yes, I want to know too.
No, I don’t think luring Dave with donuts and having a kid jump out will help us decipher the hint.

A simple demonstration of the adaptability of First regional committees. When you can’t wake a student who has fallen asleep on the field simply turn him into a field piece. Allow extra points for scoring in autonomous with an acoustic sensor tuned to the snoring. Damaging said field piece will of course result in a DQ!

I’m all about utilizing the Human Player (or Payload Spec1al1st) but this is getting ridiculous! At least put on some ::safety:: for pete’s sake!


The robots thought he could use a blanket.

Looks like that was a long night… :rolleyes:


Darn you, I think you’re stealing my ideas. Did you get a mind reader or something?

OK, even I think this isn’t great, but until I come up with something better…:[/NPOE]
Too many donuts can put you to sleep.

Ring score: 10 points
Penalty points: -150 for possession of more than one game piece
Total points: -140

New entry, superseding my previous:

Here we see a bolus (family) of tori - eight male and eight female, bred in captivity - resting after a feeding frenzy. Their torpor is somewhat mitigated by the mammal’s body heat. The mammal, for his part, will typically remain unaware of their presence.

He claims it makes field reset easier.

New game objective: trick the sleepy mammal into thinking a colorful plastic tube is a tasty donut that should be devoured.

Time to shake the donuts.

[in fake Australian accent]

Crikey! Shhhhh, I’m going to get a bit closer… yes, here we see the common FIRST student in its natural habit. Observe the game pieces he’s stored up for later scoring. Although it appears calm now, this specimen is storing up energy for its 45 day active season. No one has observed it during this period, however, experts believe it may have connections with the 2009 poof ball crisis.

The result of many sleepless build season nights…

Lord of the Rings IV: The Rings Strike Back