CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #344

It’s still Sunday!

The scores after the last round:

Ryan Simpson	100
Taylor	94
GaryVoshol	85
EricH	78
JaneYoung	77
Karibou	73
Wayne Doenges	69
DonRotolo	66
rsisk	59
Al Skierkiewicz	57
rtfgnow	52
dodar	31
Bill_B	30
delsaner	22
kstl99	22
JackG	20
Katie_UPS	18
kramarczyk	16
Chris is me	15
Purple	15
skimoose	15
Lee Reid 3136	14
KarenH	13
Barry Bonzack	12
Vermeulen	9
kenavt	9
BrendanB	8
RoboDesigners	8
Aerosound	6
Alex Cormier	6
Andy Baker	5
efoote868	5
Travis Hoffman	5
ThaineP	4
Spiffizzle	4
Cynette	3
DRAKE343	3
Brianna	3
OmerSD	3
theprgramerdude	3
Phoenix Spud	3
Chief Pride	2
gyroscopeRaptor	2
James1902	2
Kevin Kolodziej	2
kjolana1124	2
Swan217	2
nitneylion452	2
RMiller	2
EricS-Team180	1
Gdkoopa	1
jmanela	1
Josh Fox	1
Mr. Pockets	1
Rich Wong	1
Schmoebot	1
ttldomination	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Saturday at midnight Eastern.


Behold the power of the um, triangle…”

Dustin wonders if his new red triangle ring will get noticed.

Coach: Ok, we understand your idea for hanging the tubes. Now please get off the prototype. Your hair is putting too much weight on the chassis and we still need it to do more testing.

Now THAT’S a Logo. Not some vague light on someone’s helmet that may or may not be anything.

Preparation for the 2012 game, Aim Higher. It’s played like Aim High, but with fully self-powered mobile goals. Pity that he wasn’t strapped down and holding on when the goal base started moving, though.

Triangle man, Triangle man
Triangle man hates particle man
They have a fight, Triangle wins
Triangle man

Delta Force…Assemble!

(cue heavily distorted, rumbling low masculine voice)
(Cue guitar…)

“And I won’t give it back until you promise you won’t pop it”


change in fro?

School Reporter:

I don’t get it. If you give an arm and a leg for the practice robot, what do you have left to give for the competition robot?


HEART! It’s all about heart.

A one horned viking?
That guy that stood on top of the robot base with an afro holding up a red inflatable triangle?

OK, team, the lift arm is as light as we can make it. Now we need to figure out where we can drill holes to lighten it some more! :yikes:

in a big bold voice “Behold the power of the triangle. More powerful than the circle…circle…circle…donut…Mmmmmm donut…KK’s…Can I trade this in for a circle?”

Let’s put the bumpers on it… somebody go find the FLL kids.

Well, that solves the problem with height, but what about weight? We can’t just drill holes in him!

Too bad it’s only Hip to be a Square…

Just give me a point.