CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #361

It’s that time again!

The scores after the last round:

EricH	135
Taylor	133
Ryan Simpson	132
GaryVoshol	126
Karibou	115
Wayne Doenges	114
JaneYoung	102
rsisk	97
DonRotolo	96
rtfgnow	91
Al Skierkiewicz	84
Bill_B	63
dodar	42
Aerosound	39
delsaner	30
AndyB	22
kstl99	22
Vermeulen	21
JackG	20
skimoose	19
kramarczyk	18
Katie_UPS	18
MaxMax161	16
jblay	16
Chris is me	15
Purple	15
Lee Reid 3136	14
Ninja_Bait	14
BrendanB	13
KarenH	13
Barry Bonzack	12 17	10
gyroscopeRaptor	10
RoboDesigners	10
kenavt	9
Andy Baker	7
jmanela	7
Alex Cormier	6
nitneylion452	6
efoote868	5
Lil Lavery	5
Travis Hoffman	5
ThaineP	5
Colin P	5
Kusha	4
Mr. Pockets	4
Spiffizzle	4
Bharat Nain	3
Cynette	3
DRAKE343	3
bduddy	3
Brianna	3
Kevin Kolodziej	3
OmerSD	3
theprgramerdude	3
Phoenix Spud	3
Chief Pride	2
James1902	2
kjolana1124	2
Swan217	2
EricS-Team180	2
Josh Fox	2
RMiller	2
2403_Andrew	1
akoscielski3	1
computerteen643	1
DoronS	1
Gdkoopa	1
Kohala2460	1
Lledargo	1
O'Sancheski	1
Rich Wong	1
Schmoebot	1
SlaminSwimster	1
Superllama12	1
The Cyborg	1
TJ92	1
ttldomination	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is sorta kinda theoretically Saturday at midnight Eastern.


OK, who’s idea was it to give ice cold plates to the freshmen and tell them to lick 'em?

Here we see 3320 having their drive team practice their in-between match speed eating.

Having spent the entire build and competition seasons separated from civilization, The wild FIRST students have difficulties reintegrating into society.

This is the battle for second in the Best Legs In FIRST Round 2. Dave Lavery already finished a plate that was the size of the bowl on the table.

[NPOE] Billfred, can we get the video from Round 1 as the traditional end-of-year video caption contest, or did that happen already (my memory isn’t that good)?[/NPOE]

After the practice run for the fundraising spaghetti dinner, the team mentors knew they had a long hard task in front of them.

This is the result of an unusual fundraising idea. Pass out the spaghetti for free but charge for the fork and spoon. Don’t try this at home.

Some mentors find it funny to decide the team captain based on a pasta eating contest.

Others find it hilarious.

This is what happens when you use all of the silverware to make robot parts.

The next daythis shipmentcame in. Such is build season - parts come in the day after we expect them.

“Well Duh! Of COURSE we know spaghetti isn’t finger food. Do you see anyone using their fingers??”

[NPOE]We eat spaghetti by sucking it up with a soda straw[/NPOE]

It looks like plates of spaghetti, but the team is actually looking closely through the rules to figure out if ramps are legal.

Please don’t confuse these with the noodles used for bumpers.

After a “noodle” left in the bowl started to wiggle, the students decided to examine their plates more carefully.

For failure to use the proper hand tools, when building their robots, these students were made to eat their meal without utensils. One student was heard to say, “Next time I will remember to use a hammer instead of a crescent wrench.”

Student: “We refuse to use utensils, we build robots for that.”
Mentor: “Then use the robot.”
Student: “The drivers are practicing with it currently. Besides it’s really hard for them to eat their steak without a robot.”

We’re engineers, we find “smart solutions” to complex problems. Don’t have a fork? EVEN BETTER!

Since this was the reaction I got after trying to explain face plates, you can see why I was fearful about what might happen after I talked to them about self-tapping screws.

It all started with the introduction of the Mini-bot race. Now EVERYTHING is a race to FIRST students. Using any utensils would have been a violation of <G19> “SPAGHETTI must remain completely autonomous and move down the ESOPHAGUS solely through suctional energy provided after the start of CONSUMPTION.”

The M&Ms never candy-coat things but they do find themselves in sticky situations where they have to save face. In this instance, they are saving face by saying, “there’s no plate like home, there’s no plate like home…”, in between mouthfuls.