CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #367

Happy Half-Week-Of-Work, IRI-goers!

The scores after the last round:

GaryVoshol	12
George1902	10
Joe G.	10
EricH	4
Katie_UPS	4
kstl99	4
Ninja_Bait	4
rtfgnow	4
Taylor	4
DonRotolo	3
EricS-Team180	3
HedgeHogGal99	3
JaneYoung	3
jgw	3 17	3
Wayne Doenges	3
Al Skierkiewicz	2
Colin P	2
Cynette	2
dodar	2
rsisk	2
Bill_B	2
Molten	2
rachelholladay	2
stundt1	2
Alex Cormier	1
Karibou	1
LemmingBot	1
msimon785	1
Rangel(kf7fdb)	1

(Oh, and here’s a link to my new-and-somewhat-improved spreadsheet for those that asked.)

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is theoretically Saturday at midnight Eastern. I will be at IRI, so feel free to submit your entry in person if you can catch me. (I’ve been assigned to real-time scoring, if that helps you look in the right places.)


1902 welcomes their latest mascot, Suzy Q, to the team.

They didn’t tell her what happened to their last dozen live mascots before she committed.

“Sombody tell me please, this “bacon” isn’t really about to explode, right? Right?!?”

Wendy couldn’t help but laugh at the Baker’s bacon pointers:

  1. a greased pig will never boil
  2. bacon bits added to cookie dough are yummy
  3. pulled pork will result in a red card every time


  1. whatever you do, don’t make the pig explode in your grandmother’s kitchen. The results of Oink Oink Boom can set off fire alarms, smoke alarms, car alarms, house alarms and, quite frankly, the whole thing is alarming.

Pig farmers, I tell ya.

I dont see any Tetrix parts on 1902’s minibot.

Hopefully NOT exploding bacon.

This little piggy got kisses, this little piggy won team spirit…

1902’s entry to the 2011 IRI talent contest showcases the complete life-cycle of bacon - sorry, Suzy Q.

What a bunch of hams.

Andy Baker: “Is that my piglet I loaned to you for the contest?”
Girl holding pig: “No, it’s stuffed.”
AB: “Than why is it moving?”
Girl: “We installed and CRio in it.”
AB: “Than where is the controller?”
Girl: “It’s in autonmous mode.”

Hey - that pig is an imposter! It doesn’t have a Florida tan!

Wendy: Hey, Andy! Tell the Dean Simmons and the Kamen Brothers to turn the song “Click Click Boom!” into “Oink Oink Boom!”.

Andy: I think that we’ll save this song for the 2011 DSK show.

I’ll give you TWO complete FRC kits if you delete the photo.

Andy: Hey c’mere you little cutie, come here for a big wet kiss!
Wendy: Me? Er, umm, I don’t…
Andy: No, No, not YOU… The PIG! * (Sheesh)*
(Oh you cute little thing, here let me get you some lipstick, mnum mnum…)


After a long day of running away from Paul, the pig just didn’t have it in him to run away from 1902 as well.

Wonder where their hiding the rocket.

After losing Charlotte, Wilbur left Zuckerman’s for a life on the road…finally settling in Orlando as a 4-H mascot. “The pay’s OK, and I ain’t nobody’s breakfast…but that rocket thing is a whole 'nother matter!”

Apparently in FIRST, when you put pig on a lipstick, it becomes a suitable replacement robot.

The REAL story of Babe the pig begins right here

Pig To self…
I don’t care what my agent says, these guys have something up there sleeve and it won’t be good for me. That Guy in the corner looks strangely like that picture down in the pig post office. You know what he has done to my brothers in the past and it wasn’t swimming in the pool on Friday night at IRI it was swimming in Bar B Que sauce.