CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #371

It’s that time again!

The scores after the last round:

Joe G.	28
GaryVoshol	27
kstl99	19
George1902	17
dodar	16
rsisk	15
EricS-Team180	14
EricH	12
JaneYoung	11
Taylor	11
DonRotolo	10
Katie_UPS	10
Wayne Doenges	9
Ninja_Bait	9 17	9
Karibou	7
Al Skierkiewicz	7
HedgeHogGal99	7
Molten	7
rachelholladay	7
rtfgnow	6
Rangel(kf7fdb)	6
Bill_B	6
jgw	6
DRAKE2751	4
Colin P	3
Andy Baker	2
Chris is me	2
Cynette	2
stundt1	2
akoscielski3	1
Alex Cormier	1
LemmingBot	1
msimon785	1
PAR_WIG1350	1
SparxProgrammer	1
SuperNerd256	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Saturday at midnight Eastern.


The playoff beard does absolutely nothing to counteract the effects of the caster wheel.

Despite the disadvantages of casters, Team 371 was not once delayed because the field could not connect to their wireless bridge.

This was the first and last year that the GDC had the human player starting position located on the field side of the driver station. The game is called “Odd Man Out”

Coach: Wha… who’s there?
Girl 1: That was funny, make the robot tap him on his right shoulder again!

It’s actually a prototype Dalek. COOPERTITION! COOPERTITION!

Even back then people thought the next game was going to be a water game :rolleyes:

Coach: “Is there a green light now? How about now? Now?”
Scorekeeper: “What is this green light he keeps talking about?”
Coach: “Just wait until 2009.”

In a grueling contest of man vs robot, the agility of man was taxed. The robot ultimately won.

Looks like the coach didn’t RTFM (Read The FIRST Manual). You are supposed to stand by the DRIVERS not the ROBOT.

The FMS reported connectivity problems due to interference from his beard.

“If you liked that (giggle) watch when I press this button! The box opens up to show the full blown sound system playing “We are the Champions” and lasers shoot out and we even have one of those colored disco light balls. Yeah, it eats batteries but it looks really cool!”

And this is the reason I started doing robot inspection.

Although it looked cool, nobody was willing to ride the prototype 3-wheeled Segway.

I didn’t realize until this past month that the Segway wasn’t relased to the public until 2001. Kinda crazy that Mr. Kamen is always* introduced as “the inventor of the Segway” when FIRST is a decade older. I wonder how he was introduced pre-2001.

*the special did a great job of highlighting his other achievements.

Driver: So… should we tell Coach that when they said, Mentor Match, they didn’t mean… this?!

Operator: Nah. He’ll figure it out and in the meantime, he’ll have a ball.

371 Driver to Operator: " Coach is on the field! Let’s play wrestlers and robots!"

The coach was so proud of his team for getting the robot finished a week ahead of time. Then he came onto the field, saw that everyone else’s robot was built to pick up tubes instead of balls and realized with fear and embarrassment that they had used the 2001 manual instead of the 2011 manual.

371 gets disqualified for controlling their human player remotely during autonomous.

A coach on the field means it is a perfect time to chase them, they get a work out and you have fun :slight_smile:

Announcer: “And now the new game show you have all been waiting for, Robot Candid Camera. Here we see an unsuspecting mentor enter the arena. Now watch what happens next…”

The field didn’t care WHO was playing, every team was 1000.