CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #381

It’s a big week coming up!

The scores after the last round:

Taylor	57
Joe G.	52
EricH	45
JaneYoung	44
GaryVoshol	43
rsisk	43
Ninja_Bait	35 17	35
Katie_UPS	34
Bill_B	29
kstl99	28
EricS-Team180	27
DonRotolo	27
Wayne Doenges	25
rachelholladay	23
Molten	23
Karibou	21
Al Skierkiewicz	21
dodar	20
jgw	20
George1902	17
HedgeHogGal99	16
Travis Hoffman	12
Rangel(kf7fdb)	11
Aerosound	11
Frenchie461	9
DRAKE2751	8
PAR_WIG1350	8
rtfgnow	6
Andy Baker	5
Q. Sheets	5
Chris is me	4
Colin P	4
LemmingBot	3
IndySam	3
Cynette	2
dlavery	2
flameout	2
akoscielski3	2
stundt1	2
SuperNerd256	2
Cody Burd	2
Alex Cormier	1
msimon785	1
SparxProgrammer	1
plnyyanks	1
GCentola	1
Barry Bonzack	1
kramarczyk	1
robokiller	1
nitneylion452	1

And the picture, since the topic around these parts is first FRC off-seasons:

As always, the deadline is nominally Saturday at midnight Eastern. If you couldn’t guess, I’ll be at SCRIW this Saturday; as is tradition, find me (good luck!) and I’ll take your entry in person.


The spammers just keep getting bolder and bolder these days, this one is just asking to get reported.

A little-known part of winning the Fantasy FIRST Championship is that Tytus volunteers to be your personal Segway at the next official FRC event.

Tytus just might have a little trouble if one of the three-player teams wins this year.

[size=1][NPOE]Not an actual part of said FF events winning bonus.[/NPOE]

This is evidence “Vinny” (S.P.A.M.) and “Pauly D” (green) had a bromance even before they were on Jersey Shore… only back in those days, it was STR (school, tan, robotics). But, as Louie and Tony, it was always fist pump, push-up, chapstick.

And that’s how the spammer of CD was caught.

Why is the basketball hoop in the background sideways? :confused:

Tytus actually can’t pick Barry up; Barry’s hanging on to the girders above for support.

Wait, what? Tytus engaging in possibly unsafe behavior? I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it myself. It still might be photoshopped.

Tonight, on National Geographic’s Seconds From Disaster…

Barry and Titus became the inspiration for elevating robots in Rack-n-Roll and BreakAway. You never know when the GDC might be looking.

Why am I no longer surprised by pictures of Tytus doing something?!? Am I getting older, wiser or just plain Tytusized?

Alright man, time to get off. Let someone else have a turn to ride.

Actually, Barry is so light he kind of floats. Tytus isn’t holding him up. He’s holding him down. Will you now eat something Barry? Tytus can’t do this forever. Eventually you’ll need to gain enough weight to stay grounded yourself.

No no no, you put the bot on the bar, not the driver…

I am one of the knights who say “NI”, see me as I ride my noble steed… (now where’d those coconuts go?)

I don’t know what I’m more disappointed about not seeing. Barry’s pilot-stilt-antirain suit, or his safety glasses. Although I must say, that’s a pretty sweet shirt. :wink:

Tytus tried again and again to get Barry off his shoulders. You just can’t get rid of spam.

Exhibit A: SPAM (albeit graciously professional spam)

The Robot Rodeo never hosted a talent contest, like IRI, but they did have some great chicken fights (shown here, the side saddle competition )

Remember when sleeveless and over-sized shirts were cool?
Yeah, me neither.

<npoe> Early 2000’s: Land of boy bands, awkward fitting clothes, and Brittany Spears. </npoe>