CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #385

OK Jim, we KNOW we said that the robot has to be dead before we can scavenge it for parts, but shooting it won’t help…

Student: “Don’t be alarmed, this is only a drill.”

That’s okay, It’s just metal, we can fix it.

[npoe] If I had a nickel for every time I heard that, I’d be rich [/npoe]

I believe we can now pass the weight section of this inspection.

[npoe] Oh the things I could say about 2415 troll face (yay GA team humor) [/npoe]

Now you all see what happens when a game of Ninja gets completely out of hand.

“I see you. Peace be with you my brother. Your spirit returns to Archimedes, but your body will become part of the WiredCats’ Robots.”

ITS THE FINAL COUNT DOWN! danna naa na. Danna nah nah nah danna naa na. danna na na na na na!

Psst…you forgot something. The picture would be more believable if there was a bit in the drill.

To a man holding a drill – EVERYTHING robotic looks like a potential weight reduction project.

“when i said love the robot i did not mean eat it”

Welcome to Extreme Makeover Robot Edition! This is day one the demo day, we have just one week to do what normally takes six weeks to do. We have a great crew this week, are we ready… lets bring this robot down.

The robot is in the metal, I just have to remove the right amount to let it show.

Despite loosing his safety glasses (bottom center) in the barrage of hex keys, He still managed to get the frame assembled in record time. Unfortunately, the time saved was lot again when it came time to put the tools away.::ouch::

Team member: Ok, here’s the drill.

Robot: How is it that I keep improving and the team puns don’t?

Why is the flux capacitor always the hardest thing to get to? Haven’t they figured out that it should be easily accessible for when it needs to be fixed?

Off-camera: “And what did you say your name is?”
Student: “Bond. As in, ‘let’s bond some metal together!’”

FIRST, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot drill, Courage to drill the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.

[npoe] @Karibou, you should have said,“Bond, Ionic Bond.”

It’s still Sunday!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

Honorable mentions go to:

  1. jgw
  2. Katie_UPS
  3. Taylor
  4. Al Skierkiewicz
  5. Aerosound
  6. Wayne Doenges
  7. Bill_B
  8. Hallry
  9. PAR_WIG1350
  10. Ninja_Bait
  11. GaryVoshol
  12. EricS-Team180
  13. DonRotolo

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

Taylor	71
JaneYoung	70
GaryVoshol	60
EricH	58
Joe G.	52
rsisk	52
Katie_UPS	-half-of-infinity*
Ninja_Bait	42
DonRotolo	41 17	41
Karibou	37
EricS-Team180	36
Wayne Doenges	35
Molten	34
Bill_B	33
Al Skierkiewicz	29
rachelholladay	29
kstl99	28
jgw	28
dodar	25
Aerosound	19
PAR_WIG1350	18
HedgeHogGal99	18
George1902	17
Frenchie461	16
Travis Hoffman	14
Rangel(kf7fdb)	12
IndySam	11
DRAKE2751	8
SuperNerd256	7
rtfgnow	6
akoscielski3	6
Q. Sheets	6
Andy Baker	5
iPenguin	5
Chris is me	4
Colin P	4
Cody Burd	4
LemmingBot	3
kramarczyk	3
BeltSanderRocks	3
Cynette	2
dlavery	2
flameout	2
Flak-Bait	2
Nick Lawrence	2
Hallry	2
stundt1	2
plnyyanks	2
Alex Cormier	1
msimon785	1
SparxProgrammer	1
GCentola	1
Barry Bonzack	1
robokiller	1
nitneylion452	1
~Cory~	1
delsaner	1
Kyle A	1

*Normally, calling me old in the caption contest would yield a flat -infinity…but since Katie got her wisdom teeth out over the past week, I’m being nice and reducing her -infinity by half.