CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #389

To truly appreciate how accident prone Libby can be, I would like to point out how, in this picture, the caution tape appears to be upside-down. It isn’t. The whole room is, but nobody moved during this inversion because earlier, there was a glue accident that glued everybody down (or up?). The reason nobody is wearing safety glasses becomes quite apparent once this is understood. They all did have on safety glasses before this picture was taken, but they all fell towards the ceiling. ::safety::

Libby’s FIRST and last attempt at being a fashion designer.

You should’ve seen the other guy…

You can make a Kamen stop waving, you can make a Kamen stop walking, you can make a Kamen stop moving, but you can’t make a Kamen stop talking.

Don’t be fooled by the picture. This wasn’t an attempt to restrict Libby, it is merely how we wind her up again.

NPOE…Funny thing! The band Malo (guitarist Jorge Santana, yep, younger brother) once did this to their percussionist during a rehearsal for Soundstage. They used gaffers tape. Long and involved story but they did let him out in time for the show.

“And… that’s a wrap.” - Libby Kamen, after an especially long segment of Let’s Talk FIRST! A Cautionary Tale.

Guys, I swear, I didn’t take the WAGO tool!

Woman, accurately labelled.

A “subtle” hint left by her boyfriend to tell all of the other nerds to back off.

Here we see a rare photo of Libby Kamen practicing to become the youngest escape artist.
She started out with toilet paper and hopes to move on to scotch tape.
A reported ask her how hard it was to escape from TP. She said “Well, it was triple ply.”

For when we thought she had picked up Dean’s style of speeches…

You’re always bound to find fun at NextFest. Just ask Libby.

Do not unwrap until FIRSTmas.

Revised entry:

That CAUTION tape isn’t there for decoration, son…
They MEAN it!

If you’re wondering why 75’s secrets are never leaked, it’s because THAT’S what they do to any intruders.

“Quick, get the tape!”

Playing for honorable mention because Jim Wilks has the best comment possible.

How to slow down a Tasmanian Devil.

Somebody should have told the boys that Libby is Jewish before they decided to turn her into a Christmas tree, trimmed with caution tape.

Lesson learned. This is why you don’t whistle while you work.

Now that most of us are through our post-Christmas comas, let’s go!

But before I do: man, you guys made it hard this week! :stuck_out_tongue:

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

Honorable mentions go to:

  1. GaryVoshol
  2. Karibou
  3. IndySam
  4. PAR_WIG1350
  5. JaneYoung
  6. Katie_UPS
  7. jgw
  8. 17
  9. EricS-Team180
  10. rsisk

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

Taylor	82
JaneYoung	81
GaryVoshol	66
EricH	65
rsisk	59
Katie_UPS	58 17	56
Joe G.	52
Ninja_Bait	48
DonRotolo	47
Karibou	45
Al Skierkiewicz	45
EricS-Team180	44
Wayne Doenges	44
Molten	40
rachelholladay	34
jgw	34
Bill_B	33
kstl99	28
dodar	28
IndySam	26
Aerosound	23
PAR_WIG1350	21
HedgeHogGal99	18
George1902	17
dlavery	17
Frenchie461	16
Travis Hoffman	14
SuperNerd256	13
akoscielski3	12
Rangel(kf7fdb)	12
DRAKE2751	8
Hallry	8
iPenguin	8
rtfgnow	6
Dr Theta	6
Q. Sheets	6
Andy Baker	5
Cody Burd	5
Chris is me	4
Colin P	4
LemmingBot	3
kramarczyk	3
BeltSanderRocks	3
Cynette	2
flameout	2
Flak-Bait	2
Nick Lawrence	2
O'Sancheski	2
stundt1	2
plnyyanks	2
Tyler Olds	2
Alex Cormier	1
msimon785	1
SparxProgrammer	1
GCentola	1
Barry Bonzack	1
robokiller	1
nitneylion452	1
~Cory~	1
delsaner	1
Kyle A	1
CNettles11	1
Sam Drake	1