CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #39

(gets bags ready to start running)

The scores…

 Gary Dillard	112
 MissInformation	109
 T. Hoffman	106
 Dlavery	82
 Greencactus3	73
 Dorienne Plait	67
 Rich Wong	63
 Jay H 237	61
 DCA Fan	55
 JVN	54
 Andy Baker	53
 Amanda Morrison	52
 GateRunner	46
 Michelle 236	45
 Eugenia Gabrielov	45
 Elgin Clock	43
 Greg Needel	43
 Bcahn836	42
 Tkwetzel	40
 Koko Ed	39
 EddieMcD	36
 "Big Mike"	34
 Brandon Martus	30
 JosephM	28
 Jeff Waegelin	27
 VGMasterShadow	26
 Kyle45	26
 Matt Attallah	25
 Richardp	24
 Shyra1353	20
 DanielBCR	20
 Nehalita	19
 Arefin Bari	19
 Squirrelrock	19
 Mike Ciance	18
 Lil' Lavery	16
 Jessica Boucher	15
 Astronouth7303	15
 Robo hottie71	12
 Tom Schindler	12
 Steve W	11
 Killerofkiller	11
 Wetzel	10
 Aignam	9
 Pit Bull 1126	9
 JamizzleHavok13	8
 Vivelation	8
 Jack Jones	7
 Meli W.	7
 George1083	6
 Rich Kressly	6
 RogerR	6
 ZACH P.	6
 Marc P.	5
 Stephen Kowski	5
 Denman	5
 Ken Patton	4
 Corey Balint	4
 CourtneyB	4
 Kyle	4
 Yan Wang	4
 TierraDelDiablo	4
 David Kelly	3
 Andrew Rudolph	3
 Ben Lauer	3
 DJ Fluck	3
 Icurtis	3
 Lisa Perez	3
 Cyberguy34000	3
 Barry Bonzack1604	2
 Cory	2
 DaBruteForceGuy	2
 Dillon Compton	2
 Ecarlson	2
 EnderofDragon	2
 EricS-Team180	2
 George56	2
 Jake177	2
 Jdiwnab	2
 Jeff_Rice	2
 Joe Ross	2
 Joshua May	2
 Karinka13	2
 Katy	2
 Nobrakes8	2
 Tom Bottiglieri	2
 Tytus Gerrish	2
 Jay Trzaskos	2
 Aaron Lussier	1
 Bill Gold	1
 Coco The Monkey	1
 Collin Fultz	1
 ElfMaster	1
 Eria4044	1
 EricH	1
 IMDWalrus	1
 JakeGallagher	1
 Katie Reynolds	1
 MATT_kaplan108	1
 Pat McCarthy	1
 Sanddrag	1

And here’s the picture…

As always, until Saturday at midnight…

Gary: Warren… you gotta love the Florida weather man, specially for someone who is very old like me.

Warren: ya man… this is great, but the way you are laying down isn’t the best view.

:: other spam members turns around and walks away::

Garry Dillard. The man. The Myth. The Throw Rug

Ok, I know you came a long way to bring me the metal briefcase next to you, but for crying out loud, can you atleast hand it to me?

“Gary! You were supposed to catch the bowling ball with your hands not your head. Uh Gary? Gary…?”

Guy standing, " C’mon just a few more sit ups."
Guy laying down, " I can’t do it"
Guy standing, " 5 more, don’t you want to get into shape for Atlanta?"
Guy laying down, " ugggggggggg"

“I wonder how many points they will get for scoreing a S.P.A.M mentor?”

“Wake up before I start pelting you with these balls! We’ve got a match to play!”

Hey get that scissor lift robot over here. We got some evidence to hide.

Is it just me or are these shorts riding up the wrong direction?

Look at all the interesting shapes I can come up with looking at the creases in the tent roof. I think I see one in the outline of our robot!

MUAHAHAHAHAHA I’m about to hit this guy in the head with a black ball…remember kids I am a professional…dont try this at home!

As people find Gary Dillard laying on the ground as other members of team 180 prepare for the next match they stop to find out just what happened. Hoping that it wasn’t a robot related accident they start asking questions. Upon being asked “Why are you laying down?” helpless Gary had this to say, “Older than most of you.”

Gary Dillard, in an attempt help field setup by using his shorts as the other black ball.

This is Gary Dillard - Pre-Rogaine. After picture coming soon…

Gary: Nooo, I feel like resting…
Guy standing up: Garryyyyyy…you can get your beauty sleep when we get to the hotel tonight…
Gary: What time is it…?
Guy: Noon.
Gary: groan Come on, just gimme until the match is over…glares at the human player Pelt me with a ball and you’re dead meat when we get to the hotel.

guy standing: Gary, what are you doing?
Gary: relaxing why?
guy standing: ok well you’re scaring the human player.
Gary: How?
guy standing: well, your shorts are riding pretty high…

I wish our behind-the-glass mentor was half as calm.

Field Announcer:

We regret to inform the Einstein audience that qualifying matches are being delayed due to an official B.O. emergency. We have instructed S.P.A.M.'s mentor to lie down and not overexert himself until adequate deodorant and anti-perspirant protection can be located. We here at F.I.R.S.T. take odoriferous emanations very seriously, and we appreciate your patience as we attempt to remedy this situation in the most expeditious manner possible.

Listen Dillard, if you think we’re wasting a timeout just because your heart stopped and you’re not breathing, forget it! Not to mention you collapsed outside the line which could get us DQ’d - at least you didn’t do it during a match.

Hey, can I get a little help moving this body out of our player station please?