CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #394

So this one is a deci-Baker, right?

The scores after the last round:

JaneYoung	97
Taylor	93
EricH	84
rsisk	75
GaryVoshol	73
Katie_UPS	63 17	62
DonRotolo	55
Al Skierkiewicz	53
Ninja_Bait	53
Joe G.	52
Wayne Doenges	51
EricS-Team180	50
Molten	49
Karibou	45
rachelholladay	42
jgw	41
Bill_B	35
dodar	33
kstl99	28
dlavery	27
Aerosound	27
IndySam	26
PAR_WIG1350	25
SuperNerd256	20
HedgeHogGal99	18
George1902	17
Frenchie461	16
akoscielski3	15
Travis Hoffman	14
Hallry	12
Rangel(kf7fdb)	12
DRAKE2751	8
iPenguin	8
Dr Theta	8
rtfgnow	6
Colin P	6
Q. Sheets	6
Cody Burd	6
Andy Baker	5
Chris is me	4
LemmingBot	3
kramarczyk	3
Flak-Bait	3
BeltSanderRocks	3
Cynette	2
flameout	2
Nick Lawrence	2
O'Sancheski	2
stundt1	2
plnyyanks	2
CNettles11	2
Tyler Olds	2
Alex Cormier	1
msimon785	1
SparxProgrammer	1
GCentola	1
Barry Bonzack	1
robokiller	1
nitneylion452	1
~Cory~	1
delsaner	1
Kyle A	1
Sam Drake	1
Littleswimmer14	1
P. Fuller	1
Grim Tuesday	1
Mr. Pockets	1
Jeff Rodriguez	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Saturday at midnight Eastern.


Wanna see my Stephen Hawking impression?

How Andy Baker signs autographs.

Eh, its racked. Let’s roll with it.

mmm… donuts… (Krispy Kreme, of course!)

Hey, man, lemme ask you something. These ref shirts - they’re slimming, right?

The movies have Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers…

FIRST has Andy Baker and a giant spider…

We Win!

Sometimes the GDC members have to go under cover to investigate questions for the Q&A. Granted a black and white striped shirt and standing next to Andy Baker isn’t exactly “under cover” it does get the job done.

“This would make a good design again in a few years, don’t you think?”


I don’t know, man. Those tubes look pretty suspicious too me.

Andy Baker: When did we get a black alliance?

Other Ref: !?!?!?!

Andy: I dunno, Jeremy - does that look like one of Dave’s hints stuck in there? We may need to call in the Bomb Squad.

Andy was never very good at finding the right time for a shakesphearean monologue.

Hey, check out this hilarious picture of Mark I took with my phone…oh, right, the tube.

Ya’ just can’t get a good bagel outside the NYC area. I mean, look at this one! It’s black for crissakes.

[spoiler=]Why are you looking here? It’s in the picture silly:p [/spoiler]

I wonder if we can make these shaped like triangles and squares…

Andy Baker takes the opportunity to show off his newest product - a striped hat that is so totally “in style” with his striped shirt. Will this be for sale on a certain website soon?

Andy: So Jeremy, what else can we do to get another picture from IRI 2007 in the Caption Contest?

[npoe]Who’s hair is sticking out above Jeremy’s head?[/npoe]

But why is the diamond plate attached to a PVC coupler?