CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #4

Alright, here goes round four. Teh scores:

Jeff Wagelin: 14

MissInformation: 12
Lil’ Lavery: 11
Brandon Martus: 10
deansmyidol: 5
Mike Ciance: 5
Andy Baker: 4
Astronouth7303: 3
“Big Mike”: 3
EddieMcD: 3
greencactus3: 3
ZACH P.: 3
Andrew Rudolph: 2
Corey Balint: 2
Elgin Clock: 2
George1083: 2
Joe Ross: 2
Vivelation: 2
Aignam: 1
Ben Lauer: 1
Collin Fultz: 1
ElfMaster: 1
Greg Needel: 1
Katie Reynolds: 1
sanddrag: 1
T. Hoffman: 1

Now for the REAL fun part…

Just one thing to make my life easier–if you’re replying and it’s not an entry, please put “NOT AN ENTRY” in some big red letters or something so I don’t screw everything up. Because you know how well I can screw things up…well, some of you don’t (fortunately for me).

Hit it!

Which ones the robot?-the one with the numbers or that thing with denim on it?

I spy…a crazy denim-covered fair-tempered lunatic in a walking wheelchair.

Hi there! This is Christopher Lowell, and on today’s show we have a robotic lawn mower built by McKee High School and some silly man whose big chair makes him taller than me!

“amoungst a sea of purple proudly sits the king geek”

I didn’t know there were Wizards in the Flintstones.


(man in center’s thought bubble) good thing i bought stock in Levi Strauss & Co

Does it have iDrive?

Does he go chasing the bot? Or does the bot chase him?

And what does Microchip have to do with this?

(You’re making this harder)

What you lookin at?

‘Shine my shoes, boy! The robot can’t do EVERYTHING!’

P.S. to Billfred for score keeping purposes- I had my username changed from deansmyidol to Michelle 236, but i forgot to PM you

P.P.S. I love Christopher Lowell :stuck_out_tongue:

Which one of these is not like the other?
Which one of these dosn’t belong?
Which one of these is not like the other,
choose before I fisnish this song.

“I bot, you bot, we all bot for I-Bots!”


The chair that climbs stairs, stands up, and generally moves around- for those too lazy to do it themselves.

Hi … I am Jim-Bob from team 522. This is our robot, and this is a hunk of metal.

Despite protests from his party, Dean insisted on running for President with a robot as his running mate.


“I like this iBot thing… it makes me tall, for once!”

Good golly, this was hardness.

First place: greencactus3. Only because it’s such an obvious one because I didn’t think of it first.

Second place: shyra1353. Reminds me of that scene in Wayne’s World.

Honorable mentions:
Jeff Waegelin (which I finally realized I was spelling wrong!)
Michelle 236
Corey Balint
Greg Needel
Tom Schindler