CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #418

I was going to say something clever here, but now I’m hazy on the details.

The scores after the last round:

rsisk	10
PAR_WIG1350	5
Bill_B	3
Karibou	2
JaneYoung	2
Ninja_Bait	2
Barry Bonzack	2
dictionaria13	2
Taylor	2
cgmv123	2
GaryVoshol	2
Peck	2
Al Skierkiewicz	2
rachelholladay	2
Andy Baker	2
Joe G.	2
dodar	1
EricH	1
SuperNerd256	1
Boe	1
Travis Hoffman	1
O'Sancheski	1
Wayne Doenges	1
DonRotolo	1
Jim Wilks	1
akoscielski3	1
EricS-Team180	1
Aidan S.	1
Dsisk	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Saturday at midnight Eastern.


Fruit of the Loom commercial, take one.

Going on the FIRST Diet(hot pockets and soda) really makes kids breakout.

Lawnchair balloonists have to start somewhere. Although this one eventually lifted his house with balloons…

Must only take one trip! :mad:

How can I hold all these game pieces?

The refs at IRI definitely will spot this!

Sort of reminds you of a helium balloon vendor on a windy day, doesn’t it?

…and I thought Atlas had a hard job.

Let’s try a lightening round…

…Alas, it’s a shame the dodge-fro never truly caught on.

…Who’d have guessed you could get hair-acne?

…and introducing Mr. Bubble’s red nemesis…

…20 years later, Flashdance sequels just aren’t quite the same.

…They told him he’d look good bald, but he took it one step further (aka “balled”).


“I thought the game balls were supposed to be 8” in diameter - ?"
“This is Texas. Everything’s bigger, Yank.”

Wow. That’s a LOT of static electricity.

While adding bounce to his curls, Vince dropped the ball. He didn’t plan a head.

Their first attempt at the new sport of exterme juggling didn’t exactly go as they had planned…

Hair color, gel and 6+ years of hair growth on display.

The guy in the white shirt is not sure which of these 2 guys is more “off the deep end”:

The guy balancing all of those balls on his head


The guy demonstrating unsafe stepladder usage 101

The practice field build was delayed when the builders randomly decided that they would rather build giant CPK models of their favorite molecules.

Moby Grape

Pinata. FIRST Style.

It’s not a TOO-mah. [/Arnold Schwarzenegger voice]