CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #419

It’s still Sunday!

The scores after the last round:

rsisk	12
JaneYoung	12
PAR_WIG1350	6
Bill_B	6
Danny Diaz	5
Barry Bonzack	4
dictionaria13	4
Taylor	4
GaryVoshol	4
Joe G.	4
cgmv123	3
Peck	3
Al Skierkiewicz	3
rachelholladay	3
dodar	3
Travis Hoffman	3
DonRotolo	3
Jim Wilks	3
EricS-Team180	3
Karibou	2
Ninja_Bait	2
Andy Baker	2
EricH	2
SuperNerd256	2
Boe	2
Wayne Doenges	2
akoscielski3	2
Aidan S.	2
O'Sancheski	1
Dsisk	1

And the picture:

(Keep it clean on this one, m’kay?)

As usual, the deadline is Saturday at midnight Eastern. Catch me at IRI, and I’ll take your entry in person too.


He aced the interview, but then the recruiter found this.

Kids, be careful what you post!

[NPOE]reserve the right to hand in a new caption at IRI[/NPOE]

They don’t make an SPF high enough to protect a pair of redheads in this situation.

[NPOE]You’re asking a lot, Billfred, but I’m feeling brave.[/NPOE]

The 3rd member of the trio was off fetching a tart for them to snack on. The alliance that eventually formed was fierce as bears.


[npoe] No offence intended to anyone. As a Seattleite, I’m pretty pasty myself. [/npoe]

In the end, someone said that they were hurting their chances by already having their shirts off so they put them back on and attached signs to their backs as well.

No - the wires! I SAID TO STRIP THE WIRES!!!

As an aside, the fellow on the left ended up working at the local bakery. Yup. He’s a Ginger Bread Man.

Ultimately, they found they got much better results with different tactics and a revised sign.

“Will stop stripping and get dressed for an alliance”

Chick repellent.

If they stand out in the sun any longer, their skin will have a painful stint on the red alliance.

This was just the kind of situation that the new dress code was formulated to address. Think of what the glare from pasty white bodies could have done in a game with a vision camera!

The only team that wanted them was the rookie all-female team, but they weren’t in the top 8. They regretfully decided not to try again next year.

Is this why we were not invited back to Epcot ever again?!?

At a recent Hogwarts party Ron Weasly tried to create better suits for himself and his brother. With his broken wand, it didn’t turn out like he planned

da Bares! :slight_smile:

Ahhh, memories…their parents streaked at Woodstock and now they are streaking at FIRST.

Forgot the body paint at home. Still wanted to support the red alliance.

It’s people like this that give people the wrong impression about Rambots.

Long story short, they weren’t picked for an alliance.

Bringing a whole new meaning to “White and Nerdy” (and desperate?)